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We pride ourselves on always being one of the first Thailand salons to find the latest International styles and worlds best quality products. First we thoroughly test and train our staff and then with the help of our sister company we Import it directly to our branches. Many of the products, styles and techniques below are brand new and not yet available at other salons in Thailand., we go to great lengths at being at the forefront of fashion and cutting edge technology. If its not the best, we are not interested.

"If It's Not Perfect - It's Not Good Enough"

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3D Highlites - 3D Colour Effect3D Hair Colour Highlights Bangkok

The 3D hair Colour effect or commonly reffered to as 3D Highlights is a fairly recent technique that is created by mixing light and dark (Highlights and Lowlights) togther. However the colours are expertly chosen to create a subtle blend of highlites. So What is different about 3D Hghlights compared to Traditional Highlights?
The Extra colours that blend bring about the Illussion of Highlites blending into Lowlights, and this is what gives it an almost 3 Dimensional Look. So in essence 3D highlites create depth and dimension in a subtle but beautiful way.



Spiral Perm RingletsSpiral Perm Salon Bangkok
We are seeing a trend increase in spiral perms yet again. These are best performed via a cold perm technique. Getting the best results with any perm really does depend on the condition of your hair before starting. Its very important that your hair is healthy, its also worth remembering that fine hair is quite difficult to perm and can't withstand the stress due to its very flat layered cuticles. Hair that is ideal for long spirals or curls is hair that is normal or thicker, already wavy or curly and has not had too much chemical treatments previously. Also hair that is too short or too long may not be compatable for perms. Please also remember that post perm maintainance is vitally important too. Be sure to evaluate these requirements before commiting yourself a 'Taylor Swift' or 'Beyonce' spiral perm experience.

At Zenred Salon Bangkok we are currently developing a brand new perm technique that will be faster and healthier for the hair, based on the Cold Perm technology. Expect to see at our salon in June 2013!

Dip Dye to Die For
These are the days of miracle and wonder. Now women are embracing great artistic dip dye hair colourexpression that extends throughout the entire colour spectrum in bold and vibrant colours that demand attention. You don't have to be Emo or a rock godess neither! Yes we are talking about "Pastel colours, Vibrant colour bombs and streaks, Ombre styles and dip dye styles. Zenred Salon Bangkok is way ahead of the game and we are ready to make your hair go POP with the latest Red carpet Celeb styles and techniques. So get your freak on! Its time to get Crazy with colour.

So what do we have to say about these semi permanent Color shock waves? Usually pinks and reds will not last as long as Purples and Blues, but with careful care, argan oils, hair masks and avoiding hot water and hot styling, these vibrant colour styles can last long enough for you to soak up all the glory. Although swimming pools, white coats and heavy rain should really be avoided.

The Return of the PermPerm bangkok salon
Don't be scared, but the perm has been making a comeback for a while now. Unlike the 80's electric shock permology i'ts all about looking natural now. These days wavy hair, beach wave hair, body wave hair are the words being used to describe the latest red carpet stars and fashionista's. But lets get one thing straight, a perm is still a perm!

Thankfully the latest technology ensures perms are more natural looking. We have all the latest products and we can do Cold perms, Traditional perms, hot perms and digital perms. To make sure you and the stylists are on the same page, please bring a picture of the perm style you want.

Be aware that not everyone is suitable for a perm, the condition of your hair, the length, previous treatments and the thickness of your hair will determine if you are a suitable candidate for a perm. But will be honest during your consultation, and don't forget - Perms need looking after too.

CND Shellac at Zenred Hair & Nail Salon Bangkok
Shellac Nails BangkokThe fantastic 14 day no chip Shellac high gloss super gel nails is now available at Zenred Hair and Nail salon Bangkok. CND Shellac is a fantastic product that will guarantee your nails last and look perfect, no matter where you are traveling or what exciting stuff you are doing. CND Shellac lasts 14 days with no chips or dings and the colours and deep gloss shine is just divine!

OPI and China Glaze Nail Salon ServicesOPI Bangkok nail
It's great to have your nails done the same time you get your hair done, not only does it save you lots of time and traveling, but you really do feel on top of the world knowing every part of you looks great! Zenred Hair and Nail salon Bangkok now offers only the best brands for Nail services and Nail Art. We offer both OPI and China Glaze Manicures and Pedicures. These are two of the best brands in the world, with fantastic colour that last.

Argan Oil Hair Masks to Take Home
So many people have been asking us if we Argan hair Mask treatmentcould recommend a professional hair treatment they can use themselves when traveling or at home. Many of our clients are not staying in Thailand and so they cannot always get to a reliable salon. We have decided to make one our professional salon lines available to the public. Presently It comes in an easy to carry 500ml container and its not difficult to apply. The Argan Hair Mask can be done every few weeks. The results will be shiny silky frizz free hair with the protective power of Argan oil and Keratin. Ask at the salon for more details.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment
QOD Argan Oil Hair Treatment is the latest and greatest product we haveArgan oil Bangkok for sale at zenred Salon Bangkok. This is an amazing oil which can be purchased and used at home. Excellent for keeping hair extensions healthy and long lasting, and also fantastic for  keeping the frizz at bay in the hot and humid or cold weather. QOD Argan Oil Hair Treatment is the company that brings us the worlds finest Brazilian keratin treatments with 22k Gold nano technology, and now it has its very own argan oil. The argan Miracle oil just requires one or two drops and your hair will be easy to manage and it promotes cuticle regeneration and daily hair repair and protection.

We also have the latest QOD Blend of Argan Oil shampoo and Conditioners, and with a great smell. You can have the whole argan collection - at Zenred we have gone Argan oil crazy, because it really is the best oil for hair period!

NEW: Holywood Inspired - Feather Hair Extensions
Feather Hair ExtensionsIts the latest Craze in Hollywood and now available at ZENred Hair Salon, Its Cheap and Chic. Get Hollywood Inspired Rooster Feather Hair Extensions, By wearing 6-20 Strands you can transform any hair style easily. Actually we Only offer the more humane option of Synthetic Feather Hair extensions at Zenred salon Bangkok.

We have a variety of Colours that look great mixed up or Just a few Subtle hints. Try our Hollywood Inspired Feather Hair Exten
sions in Bangkok Zenred today!

22k Gold Brazilian Keratin Wash Same Day Organic
An absolute hit with both westerners and Thai's - everyone loves ourBrazilian keratin Straightening Bangkok organic formula of 22k gold Brazilian keratin to blowout the frizz and curls of hot and humid Bangkok. We even have Thai celebrities making bookings and quite a few international runway models have popped in Zenred salon for the famous Brazilian keratin Bangkok treatment services we offer. it really is wonderful stuff and our highly trained salon staff have over 2 years experience and over 1000 heads - if anyone in Bangkok knows Brazilian Keratin - Zenred salon Bangkok does.

The Latest Formula we Offer at Zenred does not contain any formaldehyde or Harmful Chemicals, and best of all its wash Same day, no more waiting for 48 hours. We only use the Best at Zenred!


Zenred Hair Salon BangkokChromo Light Therapy
It's true, sometimes we like to show off!
Now free to all our customers having hair colour or hair treatments. Chromo light therapy penetrates the scalp assisting in hair growth, and curing dandruff or scalp conditions. it is also popular for thinning hair as it stimulates the epidermal layers.

There is a full explanation on what our latest Chromo therapy time traveling machine does on our dedicated chromo light therapy page. If you are having a treatment at zenred Salon the machine will be used as it also provides heat and is used for all our colour treatments and straightening processes. Please don't panic if you wake up in the the next milenium, we will tweak a few buttons and have you back in no time.


Premium Grade Hair Extensions in Bangkok

In the last 2 years that Zenred Salon Bangkok has been providing hairThailand Hair Extensions Bangkok extension services, we have grown to Worldwide recognition and a quality that is without a doubt, some of the best hair extensions you will ever get Worldwide. Our Premium grade hair extensions beat leading brand names that charge approx 1000usd. What makes our hair extensions different? They are 100% Virgin remy and have never been factory processed, Most extensions are factory coloured and processed, our are different. The hair has never ever been coloured or any treatment whatsoever, it is pure virgin hair and stunningly soft and beautiful. We then customize the hair to match your own colour using the worlds finest colour techniques ensuring no damage to the extensions. Customized perfectly to your own!

Best Extensions Thailand BangkokIndeed Hair extensions can save years of hair growth and transform your look entirely in just a few hours. many shops and Khao sarn road in particular are famous for hair extensions in Bangkok. But the quality of hair and the extent at which hair extensions actually do damage your existing hair is usually not mentioned until its too late. We never use silicone or harmful toxic glues and use the latest techniques tried and tested to guarantee the best resulsts money can buy. Installed professional and hygenically in a cutting edge salon.

Zenred hair salon Bangkok has years of experience in hair extensions and we only source the best quality hair 100% pure single or double drawn A++. Zenred 's Bangkok hair extensions can be re-used and maintained for over 12 months with our special hair extension aftercare products.


Ammonia Free Hair Colour
Whilst in the West Ammonia Free Hair Colour has been around for a while, it's surprising at how many hair salons Bangkok has that still don't give their clients better options for ammonia free hair colouring. The truth is permanently dyeing and colouring the hair means damage and dryness.

Ammonia Free colour Bangkok Salon

Ammonia opens up the cuticles so the hair colour molecules can absorb - but its a harsh and dangerous chemical. We stock alternative brands that are ammonia free and a lot kinder to your hair, they may be slightly more expensive but when you consider that using ammonia often means purchasing hair treatments to restore the balance and damage ammonia causes. then it is actually a cost effective and sensible choice. We prefer the  Italian Colour Brand "Compagnia Del Colore" but also stock a wide variety of popular brands you will all be familiar with too.


Organic Colour Treatments and Hair Dye Bangkok
We now stock a revolutionary organic colour range that is not only ammonia free but organic naturally derived ingredients, free from artificial fragrance, paraffin, mineral oils, parabens and is produced using only pure organic essences and natural ingredients. Also free from PPDs a harmful ingredient for some of the more sensitive types with sensitivity to allergies and skin reactions. One of the main differences in the organic range is when the hairs new growth comes in, the colour will gradually fade thus eliminating the harsh lines between chemically treated and new growth. A natural fade giving a natural look - and a great way forward in making a greener planet and a healthier more responsible you.

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