New Feather Hair Extensions in Bangkok 

The latest Craze in Hollywood is the Rooster Feather Extensions as seen in the picture below. By wearing 6-20 Strands you can transform any hair style easily and affordable at Zenred hair salon in Bangkok.

Feather Hair Extensions Bangkok

Feather hair extensions combine with any medium or long length hair styles and if your having one of our human hair extensions Bangkok packages a few feather extensions can go nicely with your new locks


We offer the more humane option of Synthetic Feather Hair extensions at Zenred salon Bangkok. Mainly because after the huge trend of feather hair extensions prices have rose considerably as there are less feathers in the world, and also because we think the synthetic ones work just as nicely and are much kinder in the pursuit of beauty.

2012 has some big changes in hair style with hair cropped and textured and bolder colour statements becoming the norm. Feather hair extensions became popular in 2011 and many thought that they would just be a passing phase. However one year later feather hair extensions have evolved to become a fantastic styling weapon and have become popular icons in many professional salons.

Why Are Feather Hair extensions So great?

In today's fashion world which focuses so much on bringing back the old Feather Hair extensions in Bangkokand blending and mixing it in new ways and styles. Hair colours and textures can no longer really go out of fashion. Feather hair extensions have also won their place as a exciting alternative to spice up your hair with a very affordable and clean means.

You can have softer tones illustrated in the photo below or you can go for bolder vivid colour feather hair extensions like reds, pinks, blues, greens. The choice is yours because at zenred hair Salon we offer the complete range of feather hair extensions in Bangkok.


Feather Hair Extension Bangkok Service at Zenred

Anyone can have feather hair Extensions but they look especially great combined with mid-long hair extensions. They can also be removed and re-used quickly and easily with no damage or chemicals.

At our salon we prefer to use micro rings to attach feather hair extensions, but we can also offer fusion bonding if requested. The best thing about microring feather hair extensions is they can be removed and replaced at any time.

Prices for Feather Hair Extensions in Bangkok Zenred

 5 Feather Hair extensions  300 Baht
 10 Feather Hair extensions  500 Baht
 15 Feather Hair Extensions  750 Baht
 20 Feather Hair Extensions  1000 Baht

**All Bangkok feather extension prices include fitting and micro rings


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