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Looking for hair Extensions in Bangkok? Having long and luscious hair without waiting years for it to grow is a dream for many women. But for most of us it is an expensive procedure that can cost around 1000 dollars for premium grade quality hair extensions and the latest bonding techniques.

NEW Free Hair Extension Services at Zenred

Plus: Free Hair cut, and blending service - No need to pay for us to layer and style your new extensions to a new style, we provide a free service for this.
Plus: Free Colour Matching - If your current hair colour is slightly different to our hair extensions we will colour match the extensions to match your hairs current colour. Please note this does not mean we colour your own hair to match the extensions, if you require a complete colour change additional costs apply.
Plus: Hair Extensions Aftercare - Argan Oil and Keratin Treatments Available to ensure hair extensions last longer, we also have special hair extension brushes and sulfate free brazilian keratin enriched shampoo and conditioners to ensure you get the best hair extension life and condition possible.

Hair Extensions at Zenred Salon BangkokAt Zenred our Bangkok hair extensions have become quite popular, the reasons why is because we offer the same premium quality 100% human Remy hair and the latest extension bonding techniques but at a fraction of the costs compared to the US, UK or Europe.

Zenred Bangkok Extensions have a Free Colour Match Service

But the good stuff doesn't stop there, at Zenred our Bangkok extensions have a unique Colour matching services which we provide Free of charge. this service is unique even compared to International salons. In most cases a salon will give clients pre-coloured hair extensions available on racks.

Sometimes these just don't colour match exactly to your own hairs tones, so you would have to pay to have your hair coloured to match the extensions at an additional cost. At Zenred we like to be different and so our Bangkok hair extensions we colour first to match your own hair, and we do all this free of charge. That means our hair extensions are customized to your exact requirements and should blend seamlessly.

Free Haircut with Zenred Hair Extensions in Bangkok

Plus: We now we now offer a Free Haircut and style layering with all our hair extensions in Bangkok. Usually after hair extensions are applied they will not naturally blend in with your own hair and can be noticeable. In most hair salons worldwide you would pay extra for haircutting and layering, We are now offering this service Free of charge for all our hair extension Bangkok packages.


We Offer 3 Techniques of Hair Extension at Zenred

check-tick Aluminium Micro rings Silicone Coated

check-tick Copper Smoothie Micro rings

check-tick Keratin Fusion Hot Technique

These are the latest techniques in hair Extensions technology and guarantee less damage to your existing hair. They make it Easy to remove and have longer lasting bonds that tangle less.

So which Bangkok Hair Extensions Technique will be best for you?

After a consultation with you we will discuss your best options for what technique will suit your hair. We do not charge different prices for any ofHair Extensions Bangkok Hot fusion the above Zenred Bangkok hair extensions techniques. So which one we choose will be what is best for your hair type and colours. And ofcourse what you feel comfortable wearing.

Beware of Cheap Hair Extensions in Bangkok

You will find cheaper hair extensions in Bangkok Thailand especially around Khaosarn road. Please be aware that the bonds being used are quite often Silicone Rubber and hot glue. This can be very difficult to remove and toxic to your skin and may cause massive damage to your roots and hair. 

You may also be getting synthetic hair mixed with human hair, ofcourse for a cheap and short term solution this may appeal to many backpacker types. But if you are looking for premium grade hair and hair extensions in Bangkok, we use pure keratin bonds or special silicone coated aluminium or copper micro rings. Our keratin fusion bonds are a natural protein that is what your own hair is made from. The only synthetic hair we use at Zenred are our Feather Hair Extension Bangkok Packages, we prefer these as they are kinder to nature, and at Zenred we are all about being at one with nature and beauty.

Bangkok hair Extensions

Premium Grade Virgin Hair Extensions Bangkok Specialists

Natural hair extensions come from real human hair, thus containing the most natural look and coexisting with your normal hair better. Nonetheless, the naturalness comes at the higher price, generally 5 times more than the synthetic kinds or Grade C quality hair which can be human hair but is collected from salon floors.

Quality is all About the Cuticle - Hair Extensions Facts

The best Quality hair in the World is actually Cuticle Remy Virgin Hair. it doesn't matter if its Asian or Indian or European, All hair that has the cuticle intact and has never been colour treated can be classified as Virgin hair.

But the quality factor doesn't stop there, the cuticles must align in the same direction if it is premium grade remy Virgin hair. Many cheaper hair bundles have been gathered from multiple salons with hair cuticles running in both directions. This is bad quality hair because it will tangle a lot and will not be smooth. Most hair extensions in Bangkok will use this Grade C quality as they are human hair but the cheapest variety.

At Zenred our Bangkok Hair Extensions are only of 2 grades

check-tick Premium Grade (Double Drawn Extensions)
check-tick Grade A (Single Drawn Extensions)

Our Hair Extensions Bangkok Services only use the best hair, you are more than welcome to book a Free Consultation and see the hair for yourself before making any decisions.

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