Why Brazilian Keratin Straightening in Bangkok Wins

Hair Straightening ZenredIf you have unruly hair especially caused by the heat and humidity of Thailand or Bangkok then you may have experienced Chemical hair straightening and tried some of the Yuko Japanese straightening Bangkok salons or other Japanese straightening products that were famous 5 years ago. In Thailand this kind of hair straightening is known as Re-bonding or Japanese rebonding. But nowadays its is old technology and now we have Brazilian Keratin in Bangkok at some of the best salons.

chemical hair straightening was popular a few years ago but the problem always persisted that they were strong and actually caused damage to the hair structure if they were used repeatedly, which ofcourse was inevitable because when you hair grows every 3 months you need the roots touching up. With Brazilian Keratin Bangkok Treatments this is not the case and it will never damage your hair, only get better each time it is applied.

Why Brazilian Keratin in Bangkok is Safer

With chemical straightening like Japanese straightener its virtually impossible to only touch up the roots without the already treated hair getting the harsh chemicals on too. This was a common problem especially for Japanese straightening products, the first application looks great for the first month but when the hair grows the problems begin. to re-apply the treatment meant you either has hair breakage high up and close to your roots and either needed to invest more money in extra hair treatments to try and repair the damage, or you had to cut the hair short.

Bangkok Brazilian keratin Treatments give you a Choice

Chemical hair straightening in Bangkok is a permanent process so if in a few years you want to go back to hair with more volume or some different styles you usually had to cut the hair short and wait a few years for it to grow back. After your Brazilian keratin treatment in Bangkok Zenred you have the choice to always go back to your natural hair, and never worry about damage. 

QOD Brazilian keratin in Bangkok - The 4 in 1 Hair TreatmentBrazilian keratin Hair Straightening

Qod Brazilian Keratin products are what we love to use at Zenred Salons. The Revolutionary new hair straightening treatment is all so much easier, healthier and you hair has a shine that you will die for. Every single client we have ever given QOD Brazilian keratin too haves been blown away with its effectiveness and always comes back to us for more.

So give Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok a call today and get give your hair an amazing Brazilian Keratin Shine at Bangkok Thailand rates.

A Brazilian blowdry or Brazilian keratin treatment does more than blowout your curls and frizz. It restores your hairs natural keratin nutrients and proteins on a molecular level without permanently changing the hairs structure. So in 3 months when those new roots have grown you can have Brazilian keratin again and again and it doesn't matter, infact it just enhances the hair even more each time leaving it silky smooth and soft like a child's hair which is also rich in natural keratin.

check-tick Straightens the hair and controls Frizz

check-tick Reconditions the hair at a deep level

check-tick Seals the cuticle closed locking in all the proteins and protects

check-tick Adds a magnificent shine and softness

Why Choose Zenred for Brazilian keratin in Bangkok?

Zenred is the official QOD Brazilian Keratin Academy of Thailand and was the only exclusive company in Thailand to be chosen to represent QOD Brazilian Keratin products. If you want the best Brazilian Keratin treatment and aftercare products at discount prices, Zenred Salon in Bangkok knows more about the Brazilian keratin industry than anyone else. We also get the latest products sent to us before anyone else. Our latest OrganiQ cutting edge treatments were here long before any other salon had organic Brazilian Keratin.


Worried about Formaldehyde in Bangkok Keratin products?

All of our products at Zenred hair salon are Formaldehyde Free, that means (Zero Formaldehyde). Unlike other salons in Bangkok selling cheap brands or fake brands of Brazilian Keratin. We only provide the original QOD Brands that have passed all FDA regulations. Infact our latest Bangkok keratin treatment is an OrganiQ formula that you can wash the same day. We also have QOD Gold which you can also wash the same day.

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