Brazilian Keratin Bangkok Hair Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Bangkok Treatmen like QOD gold is the ultimate and safest way to straighten hair without damage. Not only that Brazilian keratin restores the hair and reconditions it to an amazing solf silky shine and removes frizz. Brazilian keratin or Brazilian blowout or Blowdry as its is commonly reffered to is a truly amazing deep hair treatment mask that every woman should try at least once.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Bangkok


At Zenred our Brazilian Keratin Bangkok Services are well known because we have been using Brazilian Keratin in Thailand for almost 5 years and were the first salons to use it in Thailand. Zenred salon Bangkok is also proud to be the official ambassador for QOD Brazilian keratin in Thailand. You will not find a better hair salon with a well trained staff for Bangkok Brazilian keratin, our team has more brazilian keratin products and training than anyone else, we also only use OrganiQ Brazilian keratin and have the latest formula that is wash same day and zero formaldehyde.

Why Our Brazilian Keratin Bangkok Services?

We use the original Brazilian Keratin company from Brazil, with over 12 years of experience in Brazilian keratin treatments and the most advanced hair technology, QOD were the original the founders of Brazilian keratin and the famous chocolate aroma. Many International companies have tried to imitate the brand but QOD were infact the pioneers to first to create the famous 22k Gold nano particle keratin and the latest Organic Brazilian keratin formula which is wash same day, no more 48 hours waiting.

Brazilian Keratin Bangkok Video

The Video Below highlites some real salon clients at Zenred glowing after their Brazilian keratin Bangkok Experience. Forget about Chemical hair straightening, Japanese straightening or harmful relaxer that will damage your hair and only last as long as it takes for new hair to grow. Try Brazilian Keratin today at Zenred Salon Bangkok.

Our Keratin Treatment in Bangkok is Safe and The Latest Formula

QOD Brazilian Keratin has also never been banned due to FDA regulations in countries such as Canada and Europe, many big name Keratin companies have actually been banned. QOD is the safest and in our opinion the Best Brazilian keratin treatment we have tried and tested, and we can guarantee you we have tested them all. If we find a better product we will use it at Zenred, we guarantee it.Brazilian Hair Straightening bangkok

Why Brazilian Keratin Wins Over Permanent Chemical Hair Straightening?

Our QOD keratin Bangkok treatment services will naturally straighten your hair, restore your hair and will gradually fade out, and when you have new hair growth you can have the choice to either repeat the process or go back to your natural hair. With permanent hair straightening you don't have this choice, infact with each time you apply chemicals you damage the hair more and more. Chemical Straightening is not as good as Brazilian keratin Treatments. At Zenred Hair Salon in Bangkok we have a lot of different choices for you, and a lot of Brazilian keratin products.

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment Procedure

A Typical Brazilian Keratin Procedure at Zenred Salon usually takes about 2 hours. First your hair will be gently washes with a special cleaner shampoo. Designed to clean residue and build up from your hair, the cleaner will gently open the cuticles preparing the hair for the keratin application. The Brazilian Keratin is then applied to the hair and after the keratin is dry the stylist will blowout any kinks and curls with a hot hair dryer before finishing with a flat iron. The results are silky smooth healthy soft shiny hair with sealed cuticles.

Price For Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening in Bangkok

Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blowdry as it is also known can be costly with prices over $500 in USA. In the UK a typical Keratin Treatment can also cost 200-300 Pounds, depending on the quality of the products and services you will receive. 
In most cases the above rates are based on just one hair stylist performing the procedure. At Zenred we always give our Brazilian Keratin Bangkok clients 2 hair stylist working on them at the same time, both will work in unison to save time. Please note you need to book an appointment in advance to ensure we have enough Brazilian keratin stylists to blowout and flat iron the hair. 
Its also very important to understand that Brazilian blowout Keratin treatments requires a special aftercare shampoo and conditioner. Its essential to purchase these aswell because without them the keratin will fade quicker and normal sulfate shampoo will actually destroy the keratin molecules. 

Brazilian Keratin Bangkok Aftercare Sets

All prices below Include a complete full head of Keratin Treatment.
The full aftercare set of QOD Gold or QOD Max Brazilian Keratin Shampoo and conditioners 250ml bottles are available at the salon at 25% discount for anyone having our Keratin Treatment Bangkok packages.

Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner Aftercare Treatments
Please understand that Brazilian blowout Keratin requires a special aftercare shampoo and conditioner. Its essential to purchase these aswell because without them the keratin will fade quicker and normal sulfate shampoo will actually destroy the keratin molecules. 
 Brazilian Keratin Prices  Baht   USD
 Very short hair styles - Brazilian keratin Gold/Max  4000 thb  140 usd
 Level with shoulders - Brazilian keratin Gold/Max  5000 thb  125 usd
 Below Shoulders - Brazilian keratin Gold/Max  6000 thb  155 usd
 Middle Of Back - Brazilian keratin Gold/Max  7000 thb  185 usd
 Very Long Hair - Brazilian keratin Gold/Max  8000 thb  215 usd
 Aftercare Keratin Shampoo Conditioner 25% Off  1500 thb  45 usd
 EXTRA - For Very Thick Hair, Dry or Damaged Hair  1000 thb  30 usd
Please note: US dollars are for indicative purposes only, we only accept Thai Baht currency for our Brazilian Keratin Bangkok treatments. 

Save Up to 75% Off Having a Keratin Bangkok Treatment at Zenred

We are proud to offer Brazilian Keratin Bangkok prices at upto 75% Less than international Rates.

International Brazilian Keratin Treatment Prices
USA Average cost from Brazilian keratin is 400-500usd
UK Average cost in for Brazilian keratin is 300 Pounds
Italy Average cost in for Brazilian keratin is 300-500 Euros

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