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Permanent Straightening
Get silk smooth and sexy straightened hair at Zenred Hair salon Bangkok We offer some fantastic chemical straightening services and Japanese hair straightening, rebonding and relaxer. Everything you need for permanently and chemically straightened hair in Bangkok

Hair Colouring
Fancy a touch up or a complete colour shuffle? find out what colours are hot this season or go with the classical. Reds, brunettes, blondes and black hair colours to suit your mood and lifestyle. We supply only the best brand names from ammonia free to organic hair colouring at zenred salon Bangkok.

Brazilian Keratin Straightening
It took the world by storm as the revolutionary replacement to chemical straightening, with no damage to the hair and a replenishing way to obtain a natural silky smooth shine. The popularity saw many companies producing dangerous versions and making bad publicity for Brazilian keratin and even becoming banned in many countries. We only stock the original and best brand of Brazilian keratin treatments at our Salon, all our Keratin Bangkok promotions include brands that contain no formaldehyde and are safe and effective. Check out our Brazilian Keratin section for more info or Call the salon today!

100% Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions
They cost an absolute fortune back home and the celebrities love them. 100% real hair extensions are certainly a luxury item - but finding quality hair extensions in Bangkok is not as easy as some may think. Many suppliers mix real hair with horse hair or the hair is not single or double drawn but collected from the floor of salons and the cuticles do not align. Zen red hair salon in Bangkok source only the top quality hair extensions (imported) and we use the latest and safest ways of attaching them to the head. No glue or silicone mixed techniques here girls. Plus you can re-use them. We have special After care hair extension products at our salons too.

Feather Hair Extensions
Sometimes just a couple of brightly coloured feathers can really make your hair go pop! We don't actually use real feathers at Zenred because we are keen to protect the enviroment including all its beautiful creatures. So we have opted to use synthetic feather extensions. These actually last longer and still look great. They are also cheaper and come in a wide range of colours.

Hair Repair Treatments
Our daily lives are busy and our hair takes a lot more than we realise. With heat, humidity, pollution, dirt and grime, the ocean or the pool and numerous other external factors that gradually suck the shine and proteins out of it, or worse cause the cuticle to spit and lift. Zenred Bangkok hair salons have an extensive range of Internationally imported products that can revive any hair and repair anything you want.

Hair Highlites & Lowlites
They need no introduction: a girls best friend and that says' I go to extra lengths to look good' For those of you who like their hair to go pop, or the subtle highlites and lowlites that make one more demure. Zenred hair salon has all the shades and tints you can imagine - we can transform any head of hair to be exactly what you want.

Ombre & Balayage Hair Color Techniques
For anyone who follows fashion and the latest Holywood trends, Ombre and Balayage hair colour techniques are still number one and countless catwalk and red carpet celebrities are famous for these beautiful colour techniques. Zenred Salon Bangkok has actually been offering this service for quite some time, the French techniques have made a comeback it seems. Get your today at Zenred Salon Bangkok

Vibrant Hair Streaks
Hairstyles that were once reserved only for the grungy and Emo crowd have now become mainstream. Vibrant colours of pink's, purple, reds and blue streaks can really make a statement yet remain subtle and stylish. With our semi permanent Vibrant colour streaks you can be sure to turn heads, they also add dimension and shine. We can also install them as hair extensions if you want removable streaks.

OPI Nail Salon Services - Manicure & Pedicure
What could be better than having your hair done and looking perfect after it? Well having your hair and nails done at the same time ofcourse. We now offer OPI and China Glaze plus Shellac by CND. All done whilst you get your hair transformed saving you time and money.

Chromo Light Therapy
Exclusively available only at Bangkok Zenred hair salons - For those that are having hair treatments or color treatments you will enjoy our chromo light therapy for free. For a full explanation on chromo light therapy please refer to the link Above.

Shampoo & Blow-dry
Never underestimate how good a shampoo and blowdry can be at Zenred hair salon Bangkok. For just a few dollars you can enjoy a professional scalp wash and invigorating massage from your temples to your neck. With a relaxing blowdry and finish we can have you looking and feeling great.

Hair cut and Hair styling
We all fancy a change from time to time, but it can be scary travelling to a new country, a new stylist, and then trying to explain that great cut or new style you saw back home. After a Bangkok haircut its not uncommon after leaving a salon to be wondering what went wrong? We train our stylists to cater more towards western styles and western hair types. The majority of Thai hair stylists may not have sufficient experience with western hair types, colours, textures, layers etc. Language barriers can also be an issue. We try our best to ensure all these issues are dealt with and you leave our salon the way you had in mind.

Perms and Permanent Waves
Transform your entire look with a permanent wave, kink or curl. Bring volume and bounce into your look and make sure heads turn when you enter a room. We have digital spa perm machines that are cutting edge technology and can give you the permanent wave and style you desire. For a quality digital perm Bangkok Package or traditional Perm call Zenred Today and let our Master stylist transform your hair.

Eyelash and Brow Tinting
For those of you with light lashes and brows that go unnoticed - a tint can do wonders. Save time and money applying makeup. Eyelash or Eyebrow tint Bangkok Packages should last 6-8 weeks and give your eyes the definition you deserve from the moment you jump out of bed. We only high quality eye lash and brow tint at Zenred Hair salon Bangkok. We source all of our products Internationally.

Argan Oil and Argan Masks
We sell a wide range of take home products from sulfate Free shampoo and conditioners to Argan enriched shampoo and conditioner and also deep argan hair masks and oils. What makes these particularly great is they are perfect for Thailand's hot and humid climate which tends to make hair more frizzy and uncontrollable. Argan helps to tame the frizz and protect it against UV and Pollution, also reconditioning and strengthening the hair. Its also easy to carry when traveling and smells great, well ours does!

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