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Zenred Salon Bangkok was launched 2010 as the exclusive new salon Bangkok was long waiting for. A Salon designed for Tourists and Travellers aswell as Thais to enjoy and with something other salons in bangkok seemed to be missing. Quality products and the latest trends with hair stylists that can colour western hair without problems or permanent damage. The most important factor when hairstyling is communication and Zenred Salon bangkok is proud to employ hairstylists that not only have been Internationally trained and lived abroad, but Zenred Master hairstylists have over 25 years experience at working with Western hair types and know exactly what is going to work and what won't.

Zenred are High End Bangkok Salons that use fantastic hair products, we offer a wide range of choices from Ammonia Free, Organic, Argan oils, Digital perm technology, Japanese hair straightening, Brazilian Keratin Straightening and we are trained and skilled in all the latest styles From Ombre to Balayage and more.

Give us a chance and we Guarantee you will be wanting to come back for more!

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Zenred hair Salon Bangkok Situated at Monopoly Park Experience Mall, Just off Rama 3 Road. An easy taxi ride from Sathorn or Silom area and close to the main business sector. If you looking for quality Bangkok Salon with unique and refreshing difference, ZenRed Salon Bangkok is worth a visit.

Zenred Salon in Bangkok Monopoly Park

Why is ZenRed Salon Bangkok worth the trip?

Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok is situated slightly away from the tourist traps and heavily double priced areas. Zenred Salon Bangkok has the latest cutting edge technology and brand new hair products and treatments mostly unavailable at other salons in Bangkok.

One example: For many Westerners, travelers and tourists you may well be familiar with Brazilian keratin treatments, hair extensions, organic colour products and argan oil treatments. Unfortunately in Thailand the salon industry is way behind and most salons have not adapted or not been able to source these products due to high import taxes. Zenred Hair Salon imports many of its own products via its sister company, this is what makes it a truly unique and completely independant Bangkok Salon with a difference.

So why are we worth the trip? Our prices are at least 60-70% cheaper than what you pay back home, especially for Keratin treatments and Hair extensions. And if its colourings or hilites your after but are just too scared to risk it, don't worry you are in the best of hands. And if your have been traveling for a while and have dry and damaged hair, or perhaps another Bangkok salon has already worked its voodoo on you, don't worry we can fix it, Guaranteed!

One of the Best Hair Salon's in Bangkok for Tourists, Expats and Travelers

Most tourists to Thailand are not familiar with the country and will usually find themselves trying Hair Salons in the more popular tourist Malls like Emporium or MBK, because they are easy to notice whilst shopping etc.
Many other Tourists will go to Sukumvit Bangkok salons because they are easy to find when jumping off the BTS sky train.

Unfortunately many tourists that have hair services at some of the more popular Malls and big brand salons often have many negative experiences. A quick search in google will bring about thousands of complaints on how Hairstylists didnt understand or didnt care, turned clients hair green and orange or cut way too much off. This sometimes put Westerners completely off Salons in Bangkok and many just wait until they get home. This is why Zenred Salon Bangkok was created, to provide services that you can trust by stylists that actually understand and have years of experience and speak english at a high level.

Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok is also not difficult to reach and is just a 3 dollar taxi ride from Silom, Sathorn, Ekamai and if you have any problems you can call the salon from the taxi and our Thai staff will direct the Taxi and make sure they completely understand where you want to go.


What to do After Your Visit at Zenred Salon

When you travel to a new country you are all about new experiences, Thailand certain has a lot of that, but what most of Zen red's clients are surprised to find out is that just a few meters from our salon in Thailand's first and only Robot restaurant. If you are looking for a fun day out then dining with samurai robots may certainly be worth the trip. 

Not only does the Mall have the latest and greatest cutting edge attractions but Zenred Salon Bangkok itself was designed to also have the latest in technology hair spa machines, chromo light technology, negative ion technology, Brazilian keratin treatments with Gold nano technology, digital perm machines, argan oil treatments, organic colour treatments, ammonia free treatments and so much more.

If you are looking to the future of hair and a restaurant with a difference, we invite you to enjoy Zen red Salon Bangkok located at Monopoly park Mall, a place which is unlike any other.

Perfection is Possible at Zenred Salon Bangkok

We personally go to great lengths to be as close to perfect as we can be at zenred Bangkok salons, we will always strive to be better and better as each month passes. And we love having your feedback on things, and how we can improve and be one of the greatest hair salons in Bangkok and eventually the World.

Our salon in comparison to salons in London, Paris, the UK or USA is affordable to everyone and has special offers and discounts on all the time. We promise to give more value and services away than others for example, Emporium Bangkok salons or MBK Bangkok Salons which are often expensive but without the same quality products or attention to detail that Zenred has and continues to deliver.. We devote our lives to getting the best products from around the world shipped in specifically for you.


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Amy: "Best Salon in Bangkok i have found for Organic Treatments and ammonia free Hair Colour."

Tammy "Had hair extensions and brazilian keratin treatment as suggested by someone here. LOVE EM!"

Fiona "Hi Zenred Salon Bangkok - I was in earlier this week for a cut. I wanted to thank your staff for doing such a great job."

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