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Thailand to many Westerners is all about value for money, great hospitality and services with a warm smile.  Sadly this is not always the same for Bangkok hair salon's as they provide value for money yet they are not the same quality or professionalism we are used to back home.

Zenred Bangkok hair Salons

At ZenRed Bangkok hair salon we plan to change the current status and bad reputation salons have by bringing in our very own style Bangkok hair salon chain. We will educate, train and ensure a constant development of  professional hair stylists that can deal better with the International community and hair textures and colours.

Our specialized Thai cosmetologist's and hair colourist's are now skilled in western hair and western styles and not only that but our master hair stylist has over 30 years experience with western hair styles and textures.

No Hair Disasters at This Bangkok Salon

Zenred Bangkok salon will also provide many additional services to all its guests, clients and members. We want to merge everything that we love about Thailand with its wonderful hospitality and laid back approach to life, yet bring about the balance of professionalism and education that we are accustomed to in the west.

Many Bangkok hair salons do a good job at basic tasks but there are way too many westerners complaining of hair disasters and colours that went wrong. We feel this can be addressed and we are proud of our long running zero disaster reputation, yes no one has ever left our hair salon with any problems due to chemicals or colours or anything for that matter. This is because we keep our team tight and controlled at all times.

Zenred salon Bangkok employs English speaking Mediators

We train our hair stylists and colourist's on how to deal with the specifics of western hair aswell as Asian hair. But in order to ensure you can get your point across or have any enquiries or concerns, our Bangkok hair salon also has English speaking mediators that will always be on standby for you. This takes the communication to the level you need to guarantee success and understanding. Afterall having your hair done is a personal experience and only when people work together in unison does success and harmony come about.

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Amy: "Best Salon in Bangkok i have found for Organic Treatments and ammonia free Hair Colour."

Tammy "Had hair extensions and brazilian keratin treatment as suggested by someone here. LOVE EM!"

Fiona "Hi Zenred Salon Bangkok - I was in earlier this week for a cut. I wanted to thank your staff for doing such a great job."

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