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As someone who has lived in Thailand for over 10 years and struggled to find good salons and eventually creating my own, this is what i wanted Zenred to be. The best salon in Bangkok will be a salon that caters not just to Thai's but to Westerners and travelers of all countries, it would also offer its Muslim ladies a private area so that they can also enjoy its services. The best Hair salon in Bangkok will not have the same products or brands or styles as every other salon in Bangkok and would look at leading brands in Europe and America that may not be corporate style yet provide fantastic and safe results.

Best hair Salon in Bangkok 

The best hair salons will dare to be different and make an effort to understand new things, to import new products and find the latest styles and techniques and perfect them. The Best salons in Bangkok will be using these styles and techniques when the rest of the World is enjoying them and not 10 years later when its simply out of date.

Zenred Salon Bangkok

Visit the shopping Malls of Bangkok and you will see salons with beautiful interior and designs, expensive rent to pay and average products that cost twice as much as they do in countries like the UK or USA. The quality of hair services and styles are unfortunately lacklustre at best in some of these salons, although to be fair not all.

Zenred is a new concept hair salon in Bangkok, we have the latest cutting edge equipment and have some very talented hair stylists that speak English and are Internationally trained.

Are we the best hair salon in Bangkok? We would like to think we are certainly one of them, but only you can determine that. But we will always strive to be the best at what we do and improve daily - all we know is each and everyday we strive to be better and better and with your help and feedback, we believe we can achieve the status we deserve.

If you want to see our work and real reviews and photos from customers that have actually been to Zenred, we have thousands of client pics up on our Facebook Fan Pages. Just click the link above!

What makes the Best Hair Salon in Bangkok

It's not just about having a nice luxury style salon (which we have) or the latest and greatest hair products which we import specifically. We believe the Best hair salon for you is down to a more personal approach.

The best hair salon Bangkok experience you can have essentially boils down to how you get on with your hair stylist, and if your hair stylist likes you and understands you. Its all about working together to get what you want out of the experience and that's what differs from a great experience to the best salon experience.

Finding the best Hair Salon in Bangkok is not the answer, the client needs to find a quality hair stylist they trust and can understand them on a level that is going to yield great results and not just average.

In reality hair styling, it's an art! But it's down to 2 persons not just one, the hair stylist and the customer or client. Most importantly the bridge of great communication and trust in a professionals training and artistic knowledge combined with a clear understanding on what the client wants will determine the best salon Bangkok experience you can have.

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Amy: "Best Salon in Bangkok i have found for Organic Treatments and ammonia free Hair Colour."

Tammy "Had hair extensions and brazilian keratin treatment as suggested by someone here. LOVE EM!"

Fiona "Hi Zenred Salon Bangkok - I was in earlier this week for a cut. I wanted to thank your staff for doing such a great job."

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