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For those of us seeking a professional hair salon in Bangkok, Zenred Hair salons are a brand new hair salon in Bangkok designed and created to provide professional services, the worlds finest hair products and in a clean relaxed and non pretentious atmosphere.

Bangkok hair salon in Thailand Zenred

Zenred is a new concept hair salon in Bangkok. What it strives to do is offer what other hair salons in Bangkok are seemingly missing out on. One only has to search the travel forums to read the stories of tourists and expats unsuccessful hair salon Bangkok experiences to realize, the big city also has a lot of trouble catering for westerners hair textures, colour, styles and expectations. Sadly this is not just down to poor communication but also the products being used or not used.


Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok has more International products and services onpar with what is available in Hollywood and the International fashion and beauty industry. The owner and co founder of Zenred is keen to import only leading brand name hair products exclusively for Zenred hair salons to ensure we are not the same as other salons and always ahead of the game.

Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok Stays Ahead of the Game

Zenred hair salon in Bangkok will provide its hair stylists special training in International hair and beauty techniques. We also train in communication skills and consultation techniques to ensure our salon services are exactly what the client and customers expect.

Special International stylists and hair shows are attended by all ZENRED Staff on a regular basis to ensure they are up to date with the seasons latest fashion ranges. As we are a Bangkok salon most of the big name brands are happy to provide hair shows in the capital city and we get VIP invites on a regular basis.

Better Standards for Salons in Bangkok

Zenred hair salon Bangkok' is attempting to raise the standards on all hair and beauty techniques available to Bangkokians and visitors looking for quality plus Value for money packages.

Thailand has always been a wonderful place to get value for money services and many items and foods are more affordable in Thailand than in the West. Unfortunately finding good quality products and professionally trained Individuals with International standards and training is still difficult, but things are starting to improve.

Thailand's hair and beauty industry is lacking in leading International brand names which the rest of the world love and have been using for years. Standard practices of hair styling and makeup are also seriously under developed in Thailand due to the lack of quality products, technology and high import taxes on Western brand names and low import taxes on cheap Chinese brands.

Our Salon in Bangkok aims to change all of this with some amazing International hair products and techniques Thailand has never seen before. Ladies will be amazed at what we are about to introduce to the Thai Hair and beauty industry says owner and founder of Zenred. We are excited to bring in these new products before anyone else.

Expect total customer care and a genuine experience centered around the customer. Thailand is a wonderful country to experience luxury services for less. But until now the hair industry has been lacking in this area.

Contact your local Zenred hair salon in Bangkok and see what new promotions and products are on offer today.


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Amy: "Best Salon in Bangkok i have found for Organic Treatments and ammonia free Hair Colour."

Tammy "Had hair extensions and brazilian keratin treatment as suggested by someone here. LOVE EM!"

Fiona "Hi Zenred Salon Bangkok - I was in earlier this week for a cut. I wanted to thank your staff for doing such a great job."

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