Zenred Salon Bangkok Price List

How To Calculate Salon Prices: Each client comes to us with a different Hair History and Story, So Prices vary from case to case and how many steps we need to take to change your hair from Now to Amazing!

Lets Explain Things a little more with an Example
Client A wants Balayage Color, her hair is Healthy and has never been colored before - It is medium length. This would be a very easy and straight forwards job for us.
Cost = Basic Balayage Medium length

Client B wants the same Balayage Color as Client A but she has 2 tone Bleach Blonde Dry & Damaged hair with 1 inch of Black roots, her hair is also very long. This will require more products, time and skills.
Cost = Repair treatment, Root Touch up, Advanced Balayage technique, Plus Maybe Some toner.

Professional Consultations Before Starting
We hope this helps you understand prices a little better, and why it is not always possible for us to give exact prices over the phone or via internet until we actually see your hair and have a consultation. We also promise to tell you all the prices and technical details on exactly what needs to be done before we start anything.Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok Prices

Don't Get Ripped Off
We know many Bangkok salons increase prices at Checkout without asking clients first. A lot also have cheap prices on their website for well known International brands but the bottle is filled with cheaper Chinese brands. Or worse when its time to pay the price on the website is doubled and you dont know why. We try our best to be as transparent as possible!

Unlike many establishments in Bangkok, We do not charge hidden extra 10% service charges or 7% VAT. What you see is what you get!

We do accept Visa & Mastercard however 2.5% Extra Surcharge is added by our Bank for this customer privilege. If this is a problem please bring Thai Baht cash instead. Thankyou!

Below you will see services written in red like FREE or similar 1,000 500 discounts. If you want to claim these discounts simply share your hair on social media as described at the salon. Show us at checkout and claim your FREE services or Discounts. For more info checkout Promotions.

Zenred Salon Bangkok Price List - Update 2016


 Shampoo Blow dry

 Shampoo & Blowdry For Men  200              
 Shampoo & Blowdry For Women  300 - 500
 Styling & Finish (Curls or Waves) Curling iron 100 Free
 Styling & Finish (Flat Iron Straightening and Gloss) 100 Free

 Haircut and Finish

 Children's Haircut  200

 Men's Haircut and Finish (Senior 10+ years)*

 Women's Haircut and Finish (Senior 10+ Years)*  500
 Men's Haircut and Finish (Master 25+ years)*  800
 Women's Haircut and Finish (Master 25+ Years)*  1000
 Shampoo & Blowdry  200 Free
 Styling and Finish  100 Free
 * Please Specify Senior or Master stylist when booking  Scheduled
 * Master Stylist Usually Available Afternoon & Evenings  Appointment
 * Bring a Photo for us to Imitate a Particular Style  

 Mens Hair Services 

 Shampoo & Blowdry For Men  200
 Men's Haircut Styling and Finish (Senior 10+ years)  400
 Men's Haircut Styling and Finish (Master 25+ years)  500
 Beard Grooming  150-300
 Mens Hair Color  1,200 - 1,500
 Men's Hair Highlights  1,300-2,800
 Covering Grey Hair  1200 - 1500
 Shampoo & Blowdry  200 Free
 Styling and Finish  100 Free
 Mens Professional Wax & Styling Products (Barbershop)  Available
 NEW Weiss Beer Shampoo (Perfect Gift Ideas)  Available
 NEW Anti Hair Loss Hair Tonic For Daily Use  Available
 NEW Anti Hair Loss Shampoo & Conditioners Daily Use  Available

 Hair Color 
 (Compagnia del Colore - Italy)

 Men's Hair Color - Low Ammonia Italian Color by CDC*  1,200-1,500
 Women's Hair Colour -Low Ammonia Italian by CDC*  2,200-3,500
 Color Correction (Final Price on Consultation)*  Consultation
 Organic Ammonia Free Hair Color*  2,200-3,800
 Root touch Up (Tint Re-growth)*  1,800-2,800
 Toner & Colour Balancing*  1,000-2,000
 NEW QOD Fiber Complex (Protects hair during color)  1,500 1,000
 Shampoo & Blowdry  200 Free
 Styling and Finish  100 Free
*Dry & Damaged Hair May Require Treatment After Color  1,200-2000
*For Lasting Color use Sulfate Free Products with keratin  Available
*For Vibrant Color Refresh Each Week Use Home Toner  Available
 *Bring a Photo for us to Imitate a Particular Color  

(New Enriched with Guar Gum & Keratin - Italy)

 Bleaching Hair Blonde (Per Session)  1,000-3,500
*Dry & Damaged Hair May Require Treatment Before  1,200-2000
 NEW QOD Fiber Complex (Protects hair during color)  1,500 1,000
*For Best Blonde Maintenance Use (purple) Shampoo  Available
*To Prevent Orange in Bleached hair Use Home Toner  Available

 Fashion Colors
(Long Lasting Imported From UK)

 Vivid Crazy Color (Pink,Purple,Red,Blue etc) 4-6 weeks*  2,500-5,000
 Dip Dye Hair Color Technique (Semi Permanent)*  2,000-4,000
 NEW Gorgeous Gray Color Technique  2,500-5,000
 IMPORTANT - Fasion Color sometimes need Bleach First  Not Included
 Bleaching Hair Blonde (Per Session)  1,000-3,500
 Shampoo & Blowdry  200 Free
 Styling and Finish  100 Free
*Dry & Damaged Hair May Require Treatment After Color  1,200-2000
*Longer lasting Fashion Color - Use Color Save Aftercare  Available
 NEW QOD Fiber Complex (Protects hair during color)  1,500 1,000
 *Bring a Photo for us to Imitate a Particular Color  



 Balayage & Ombre Hair Color

 Ombre Hair Colour Technique (Basic)* Short to long  2,000-4,000
 Ombre Hair Color (Advanced)* Short to Long  2,000-7,000
 Ombre Hair Color with Toner*  2,000-6,000
 Balayage Hair Coloring technique*  2,000-4,000
 Balayage Hair Color (Advanced - From Roots to Ends)*  2,000-7,000
 Balayage Hair Color with Toner*  2,000-6,000
 Toner & Colour Balancing   1,000-2,000
 Shampoo & Blowdry  200 Free
 Styling and Finish  100 Free
 NEW QOD Fiber Complex (Protects hair during color)  1,500 1,000
*Dry & Damaged Hair May Require Treatment After color  1'200-2000
*For Best Blonde Maintenance Use (purple) Shampoo  Available
*For Vibrant Color Refresh Each Week Use Home Toner  Available
 *Bring a Photo for us to Imitate a Particular Style  

 Hair Highlites & Lowlites
(Compagnia del Colore - Italy)

 Highlights Full Head*  3,000-5,000
 Highlights Half Head*  2,000-4,000
 Highlites Quarter Head - T Bar*  1,800-3,000
 Ammonia Free Highlites/Lowlites (Organic Color)  2,800-5,000
 Men's Highlites  1,300-2,800
 Toner & Colour Balancing  1000-2000
 Bleaching Hair Blonde (Not Including Final Color Tints)  1,000-3,500
 Shampoo & Blowdry  200 Free
 Styling and Finish  100 Free
 NEW QOD Fiber Complex (Protects hair during color)  1,500 1,000
 *Pay Extra to Add One More Color  
 *Dry & Damaged Hair Requires Treatment After Color  1200-2000
 *Bring a Photo for us to Imitate a Particular Look  

 Permanent Straightening
(New Technology Italian Rebonding)

NEW Italian Rebonding & Marine Collagen (Ammonia Free)  3,500-6,000
NEW Italian Soft Rebonding (For Damaged Hair)  3,500-6,000
Japanese Straightening Rebonding  3,500-6,000

 Permanent Wave - Perm
(New Technology Marine Collagen Perms)

NEW Digital Perm (Enriched with Marine Collagen - Italy)  3,500-6,000
NEW Italian Cold Perm - with sea Collagen by CDC  2,500-5,000
 Korean Hairstyle Perm  3,000-6,000

 Human Hair Extensions 100% 
 Amazing Quality Can Last 12 months Virgin Remy Hair! 
 Reusable Premium Quality Double Drawn 100% Human Can Even be Recolored, flat ironed or Permed. Fusion Keratin or Micro link Technique

 Black Hair Extensions 12inch (31cm) 100 Pieces*  5,000
 Brown Hair Extensions 12inch (31cm) 100 Pieces*  6,000
 Blonde Hair Extensions 12inch (31cm) 100 Pieces*  7,000
 Black Hair Extensions 14inch (36cm) 100 Pieces*  6,300
 Brown Hair Extensions 14inch (36cm) 100 Pieces*  7,000
 Blonde Hair Extensions 14inch (36cm) 100 Pieces*  8,400
 Black Hair Extensions 16inch (41cm) 100 Pieces*  7,000
 Brown Hair Extensions 16inch (41cm) 100 Pieces*  7,700
 Bonde Hair Extensions 16inch (41cm) 100 Pieces*  8,800
 Black Hair Extensions 18inch (46cm)  100 Pieces*  9,400
 Brown Hair Extensions 18inch (46cm)  100 Pieces*  10,500
 Blonde Hair Extensions 18inch (46cm)  100 Pieces*  11,700
 Black Hair Extensions 20 inch (51cm) 100 Pieces*  11,200
 Brown Hair Extensions 20 inch (51cm) 100 Pieces*  12,500
 Blonde Hair Extensions 20 inch (51cm) 100 Pieces*  13,700
 Black Hair Extensions 22 inch (56cm) 100 Pieces*  13,300
 Brown Hair Extensions 22 inch (56cm) 100 Pieces*  14,600
 Blonde Hair Extensions 22 inch (56cm) 100 Pieces*  16,000
 Black Hair Extensions 24 inch (61cm) 100 Pieces*  15,700
 Brown Hair Extensions 24 inch (61cm) 100 Pieces*  17,100
 Blonde Hair Extensions 24 inch (61cm) 100 Pieces*  18,500
 Black Hair Extensions 26 inch (66cm) 100 Pieces*  18,400
 Brown Hair Extensions 26 inch (66cm) 100 Pieces*  20,000
 Blonde Hair Extensions 26 inch (66cm) 100 Pieces*  21,500
 30 Inch Sometimes Available (Not Guaranteed) 100 pcs 25,400-29,000
 NEW BALAYAGE & OMBRE Colored Extensions Extra 1000
 *Exact Colour Matching (Custom Colored Extensions)  Free
 *Haircut and Extensions Layering cut and style  Free
 *Shampoo, Blowdry & Styling (with all Hair Extensions)  Free
 *Re-apply Fall out Extensions (During first 4 weeks)  Free
 *Beach Wave or Curls (Professional Style & Finish)  Free
 *Typical Full Head Requires 120-150 Pieces. Overall the hair amount can vary case by case. Example if client has very short thin hair but wants very long thick extensions then 150-200 pieces or even more may be suitable. Free Consulatation

 Hair Extension Extras

 Remove Hair extensions - (Previously fitted at Zenred)  1,000
 Remove Extensions (Not Fitted By Us)   2,000

 Remove Any Extensions (To Have Zenred Extensions)

 Re-tipping Hair Extensions with Fusion Bond keratin  500 per 100
 Re-applying Hair Extensions 100-150 pieces  1,000
 NEW Special hair Extension Brush No Damage Aftercare  500
 NEW Feather Hair Extensions (synthetic) 5 strands  300
 NEW Hair Extension Argan Aftercare Kits (prolong life)  1,190 - 2,100
Sulfate Free Extension Shampoo & Conditioner Aftercare  1,930 Baht
 QOD Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Extension Aftercare 60ml  1,190

 Nail Salon Services 

 Nail Manicure (No Color)  200
 Nail Pedicure (No Color)  300
 Nail Manicure and pedicure (No Color)  500
 OPI Color Nail Manicure  300
 OPI Color Nail Pedicure  400
 China Glaze Color Nail Manicure  300
 China Glaze Color Nail Pedicure  400
 NEW CND Shellac Nail Manicure (14 day High Gloss Nail)  600
 NEW CND Shellac Nail Pedicure (14 day High Gloss Nails)  600
 Remove CND Shellac Or Gel Polish (Mani or Pedi)  100

 Lash & Brow Tinting

 NEW Eyelash Tinting (From Austria - 4-6 weeks)  600
 NEW Eye Brow Tinting (From Austria - 4-6 weeks)  400
 * For More Facial Services Please See Our Spa Section  

 Brazilian Keratin Straightening Blowouts
 No Formaldehyde 100% Authentic
For lasting Results Always use Sulfate Free Aftercare.
 Avoid Salt, Chlorine & Strong Styling Products.

QOD Brazilian keratin - Mens Hair Short (3-4 Month)*  4,000 3,500
QOD Brazilian keratin - Shoulder Level (3-4 Month)*  5,000 4,500
QOD Brazilian keratin - Below the Shoulder (3-4 Month)  6,000 5,500
QOD Brazilian keratin - Middle Of Back (3-4 Month)*  7,000 6,500
QOD Brazilian Keratin - Long Hair (3-4 Month)*  8,000 7,500
*Pay Extra Very Thick & Damaged hair (more product)  1000 - 2000
 20% OFF Keratin Aftercare Sets (Keratin Clients Only)  1,930 1,500
 NEW 30 Day Brazilian Keratin Treatments (1 Month)  2,000 - 4,000
 NEW Brazilian Keratin (Keep Curls Tame Frizz) (3 Month)  3,000-6,000
 * All Keratin Treatments are Formaldehyde Free  Organic
 * Latest Technology (No 48 Hours wait Before Wash)  Instant Wash
 * Our Keratin Brand is the Original QOD "Made in Brazil"  Imported
 Relaxer (For Kinky Hair Best Before Brazilian Keratin)  1,000 - 2,000

 Bridal or Function Hair Styling 

 Bridal Updo or Evening Events, Ballroom hairdo etc.  800 - 1,500

 Hair Repair Treatments
(In Salon Stand Alone Treatments)

 QOD Protein Hair Treatment (Restore & Rehydrate)  800 -1,500
 Max Silver Argan Mask - Anti Yellow Treatment  1,000-2,000
 CDC Toner Masks - Fix &  Boost Colors (smooth & shiny)  1,200-2,000
 QOD Argan Mask - Deep Hair Repair Treatments  1,500-2,000
 Dandruff Reduction Treatment  1,000
 Hair Loss Treatment (In Salon)  1,000
 Hair Botox Treatment (Give Your Hair a Keratin Boost)  3,000-6,000
 Brazilian Keratin Blowout Treatments  See Above
 NEW Fiber Complex (Similar to Olaplex Bond Rebuilder)  1,500

 Take Home Products, Treatments & Gift Sets 

 For Blonde Hair (Purple Shampoo Conditioner Toner)  Available
 For Blonde Hair (Purple Mask Toner Repair Treatments)  Available
 For Colored Hair (Toner Treatments All Colors - Italy)  Available
 For Colored Hair (Color Save Hair Repair Treatments)  Available
 Moroccan Argan Mask - Deep Hair Repair Treatments  Available
 Moroccan Argan Oil (Low Weight Silicone)  Available
 Moroccan Argan Shampoo & Conditioners  Available
 Hair Loss Tonic (Professional grade)  Available
 BB Hair Cream (multi action hair regenerative)  Available
 Anti hair Loss Shampoo & Conditioners  Available

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then select your currency.

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 This Price List Should be used as a Guide

* For prices indicated above with a range, these can vary based on what the length, condition, thickness of hair , history of your hair and so on. Sometimes some brands cost more than others and we will give our clients a choice when feasible. For example: Ammonia Free, Standard Colour, Organic etc.

Please understand that each clients hair is different and each job is different. The prices above are so you know what maximum and minimum costs could be. If you are not sure and try to budget then bring enough to cover the maximum. The staff will give honest quotes on what is possible after meeting you and actually seeing your hair.

We also Guarantee that you will leave our salon with exactly what you want (not something many salons in Thailand can do) We are very experienced at working with ALL Hair types, colors, textures, and have decades of experience working with International clients.

No Obligation Salon Consultations
When you are at Zenred Salon Bangkok our stylists will give you a consultation. Typically they will check the condition of your hair, ask questions about what color or treatments you would like to have. And also ask questions about any previous color or treatments you have had recently or not. Please answer all questions accurately and they will then show you salon prices and options before starting any work.

All consultations are Non obligational, for both the client and our stylists.
Yes, that means we can refuse to work on clients too, if we feel we are not a suitable match. So be polite, speak clearly and reasonable in your requests.

Tip: We strongly recommend you bring photos or Ipad pics with you if you have a specific style in mind. This will quickly help ensure you and the stylist have the same ideas in mind, and help you bridge the communication gap quickly and efficiently.

* Hair Extensions and Typical Full Head Prices: are based on an average woman and consist of approximately 130-150 strands, depending on length. For the majority of clients with average length hair and thickness this is sufficient. But for some clients who want very long hair whilst have  thin natural hair or very short hair, then it may not be enough. Extra bundles can be purchased to thicken the hair more and provide more volume.

Hair Extensions FREE SERVICES

Free Cut and Layer: We can blend your natural hair without a noticeable line between hair extensions, we call this layering. We also style and layer you hair so that your extensions look very natural.

Free Colour Matching: Available Only for Our Premium Quality Hair Extensions. An exclusive custom service to Zenred that means we actually custom make hair extensions to your own unique color spec. Most salons will give you the closest colour off the rack because they use factory processed extensions, we also provide this service called Standard Quality Extensions. But our premium quality hair extensions are not factory processed and will be lovingly custom created, colored and crafted exactly for you. Free of charge!

Free Shampoo, Blowdry and Style: We will wash dry and style your extensions afterwards to ensure you look fantastic, if you want beach waves, curls or silky straight smooth hair, no problem. All included in the price.

Removing Hair Extensions that are Not Ours
We Do Not remove Hair Extensions fitted at other salons unless you are definitely having New Hair Extensions fitted by us and they are our hair. Please do not ask us to remove and replace hair extensions that are not our own brands. Also, please do not bring your own hair and ask us to fit it - we are a professional salon and make some of the best hair extensions in the world at a fraction of the prices compared to other top quality brands that still don't last half as long as ours.

For Real reviews on Our hair Extensions and before and after pics of our work, visit our facebook fan page here: Bangkok Hair Extensions

* Brazilian Keratin Aftercare - For Brazilian Keratin Treatments the correct aftercare shampoo & conditioners are very important, especially if you expect your treatment is to last 3-4 months. Failure to purchase the correct Brazilian Keratin aftercare shampoo and conditioner at Zenred means we cannot Guarantee the results will last as long as you want. Aftercare is important and that is why we offer 25% discount on these special products when you have Brazilian keratin with us.

 *Brazilian Keratin on Very Thick or Dry Hair: Please note if your hair is very dry or damaged this will require a lot more preparation time and sometimes twice as much premium grade products. If you know your hair is thicker than normal or very damaged and dry then please be prepared to pay a little bit extra (as indicated in our price list above). Although for the majority of clients its not necessary, but please be aware.

Paying With Cash
There is a Cash dispenser ATM Machine located on the first floor, but we advise you come with sufficient amounts prior to arriving just incase.

Important note on Credit Cards in Thailand: A few of our clients have had Credit cards or cash cards declined at the salon. Sometimes some cards don't work in foreign countries if you don't notify the issuer before you travel. Insufficient funds due to overspending is another problem. Please be sure you have cash backup with you. Be sensible when traveling in a foreign country, plan ahead and double check everything works, Thanks!

Bartering and haggling is what you do on street stalls, please do not ask for further discounts at a professional salon. Our prices are kept as low as possible for the quality of products, services and the time our team will spend working on you, which in many cases can be 4-5 hours. You will notice our salon is not like other salons. Very rarely is there just one person doing one job, we work as a team and are very efficient at what we do. 

We Guarantee that If for whatever reason you are not entirely happy with your hair then we will get it right before letting you leave the salon. If you are not completely happy please let us know before leaving the salon so that it can be put right. 

Don't feel shy or awkward if your not sure about something, Although we do ask that you have reasonable expectations, are polite and patient and trust that our stylists do have a lot of experience working on all hair types, including yours. If they tell you to trust them then please let them finish their work before voicing concern.

Make your requests clear from the start. You also have 7 days to come back to us if you want us to check something. Good communication and honesty is what makes our client satisfaction rate so high, so please make sure you follow these guidelines and together we can work to fix any problem. Although usually they are rare at our establishment.

99.8% Client Satisfaction
We are proud to have a very high client satisfaction rate. Ofcourse we are not perfect and only human, but if problems do occur it's almost always due to communication issues, clients that have very unrealistic expectations, trust issues or have failed to inform us of what they previously had done to their hair.

Great Results Mean Working Together
Please always speak clearly and slowly, we are an International salon and deal with clients from every single country in the World, We speak English but heavy accents or slang words we do not. To avoid complications bring a photo or pic of the exact styles or colors you want. We also have many styles at our salon you can browse through.

Still Not Sure we Can Give You What You Want?
Check out our facebook Fan Page for Real Zenred Salon Reviews, Feedback, Pics and example of our work updated daily. You can also make Reservations and Bookings via Facebook.

TELEPHONE BOOKING (For Appointments -48 Hours From Now)
Tel: 083 600 6176
INTL: +6683 600 6176

ONLINE BOOKING (For Appointments +48 hours From Now)
All online bookings are via our facebook page Here:
Salon Bangkok

When are We Open?
7 Days a week from 11am - 9pm

Where are You located?
Map and Directions here

Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok
Monopoly Park Mall
59/27 Industrial Ring Road
Chong Nonsi, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120

Tel: (Eng) 0836 0061 76
Tel: (Thai) 02 683 1089
Tel: (International) +66 836 0061 76

Web: www.zenredsalonbangkok.com

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