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Note: If you don't want to struggle finding the salon just give us a quick call from any Taxi in Bangkok. And we will direct them for you in a language they will understand. Taxi's in Bangkok are very cheap if you ensure they always use the meter.

Or you can Download and print the maps below, they can also be used to help you during your stay in Bangkok.

Map 1 - A Map of Bangkok's public Transport System to Zenred
Riverboat's, Sky train, Subway, Bus Rapid Transport, Airport Link etc. And how best to use them to get to Zenred hair Salon at Monopoly Park Mall from virtually anywhere in Bangkok.

Click link for Map 1 - Public Transport Map to Monopoly Park Bangkok

Map 2 - Map To Give Taxi Drivers to get to Zenred
Our second Map makes it a breeze to navigate to Monopoly park if your in a taxi, Just download and print and give the map to the taxi driver. Its in both Thai language and English and makes it easy to get to Zenred.

Click link for Map 2 - Map to Monopoly Park Mall Bangkok

ZenRed Salon Map

Smart Phone Users with GPS or 3G Enables

And finally for those of you with smart phones or GPS enabled devices, here is the google Map for Zenred Salon Bangkok -

Just click this link:  Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok for a larger map google map

Don't Have  Printer?  Write Down These Directions

Driving (TAXI):
1. From Sathorn Road Turn onto Narathiwat Ratchanakarn Road
Continue to RAMA 3 Road (Follow signs for Bhumibol Bridge 1 and 2)

2. You will see SUPALAI TOWER in the Distance (yellow tower) When you approach stay in Left Lane - Do not go up on bridge (flyover) stay down and drive slowly.

3. You should see a SAVOY Restaurant sign on the Left Hand side - SLOW DOWN and Turn Right at traffic lights directly opposite the Savoy Restaurant - There is a kasikorn Bank on the opposite side on the corner

4. Now continue in left lane (Approx 500m is Monopoly Park Mall) – Drive slowly and stay in Left Lane. Monopoly Park is a Grey Futuristic Design on your left - drive slowly or you will miss the entrance.

5. If you get lost or have a taxi driver that claims they don't know where you mean, just give us a call on: 083 60061 76

(5.2KM From Sathorn Road BANGKOK - Silom Area)

Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok
Monopoly Park Mall
Rama III, 59/27 Industrial Ring Road
Chong Nonsi, Yan Nawa Bangkok, 10120
Tel: 0836006176


Taxi Tips in Bangkok and how to Save Money

1. If you ever get into a taxi and they don't put the meter on (or tell you a fixed price) Smile nicely, open the door and catch the next taxi behind.

2. Always stop moving taxis with a red light on, never get into taxi's that are parked or the driver ushers (or pushes) you to get in.

3. Don't bother with Tuk Tuks, they charge 3 or 4 times more than a Metered Taxi, there is no air con and they are no faster. They are fun for tourists if you have never been in one but avoid otherwise.

4. At the Airport do not get into Taxis that usher you to use their services. There is great little trick to save money by going to the Departure floor instead of the arrivals floor (where people are arriving at the airport in taxis) wait for one to stop and then jump in - You will save money no airport fees, and the driver will appreciate not having to wait in the departure que.

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