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Private Salon Muslim Women BangkokZenred Salon Bangkok is pleased to now offer Private areas for any Muslim Ladies and women looking for hair salon services at Zenred.

Note: Please call the salon to make advanced booking for private salon hair services.

Our Private Salon Chairs are Free for anyone who may wear a Head Scarf (hijab) and require privacy during hair styling, hair cutting, hair colouring or conditioning treatments at Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok.

We believe everyone should have the chance to look and feel beautiful, in the majority of Bangkok salons this simply is not possible, however Zenred will always take that extra step towards customer satisfaction and being the first to bring in new ideas and services to Bangkok.

Our private salon chairs are close to the backwash sinks and have screens for privacy to ensure the removal of head scarfs and towels will be in complete privacy. Our female salon staff will cater to our Muslim clients, or any clients that require privacy for whatever reasons.

We believe Zenred Salon at Monopoly Park is the first salon to offer this privacy, and we hope it encourages more Muslim ladies to enjoy full professional services in suitable privacy so we can attend to your hair needs in a relaxed and professional manner.

Please ensure you ask for the Private Chairs when booking your appointment online or via phone. We would like to remind you that we are not a female only salon and our female staff will need to be available for your hairdressing and hair styling needs.

Please also understand that whilst we try to accommodate everyone's needs, no matter what religion or background. But we cannot stop other services for clients for whatever reason. Muslim Lady Salon Bangkok Haircut style

Zenred Hair Salons will always try to treat each individual salon client with courtesy and respect. We offer this Private salon service to all clients at all times, even on busy weekends.

Please note: The salon is less busy during the week so if you require more privacy we suggest you book your salon appointments during the week. 

Don't forget to mention you need Private area because you wear a head scarf. To make a booking at Zen red Hair salon Bangkok

Please Call: 0836 0071 36

If you have any further questions about our salons private area for Muslim women please contact us on the number above, or send us an email.

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