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Thinking of Japanese hair straightening in Bangkok? Chemical relaxer and Japanese hair straighteners are always available at Zenred Bangkok salon, but are they the best option for you hair nowadays?

Long straight beautiful hair has indeed an abundance of advantages. Straight hair can be styled in so many ways, Straight hair goes well with every face and haircut, looks good on every dress and enhances the features of your face. If you are looking for hair straightening Bangkok has a lot of choices for you.

Japanese straightening bangkok salonFor many women, hair straightening in Bangkok is a common practice. Hair straightening using Flat irons or hair blowers and dryers are the quickest way to get the daily desired styles at most hair salons in Bangkok. However costs soon add up and permanent hair straightening in Bangkok soon becomes a better option.


Permanent Hair Straightening in Bangkok

With many different types of permanent hair straightening in Bangkok, they generally Hair straightening salon bangkokuse the same chemical process to relax the hair's structure. An alkaline chemical solution is first applied to the hair, and this breaks down the many disulfide's within the hair that creates it to kink as well as curl.

Once this relaxing effect has been achieved a neutralising solution is applied to the hair to restore its normal pH and reform brand new bonds within the hair, setting its fresh structure and producing the permanently straightened hair. or at least until you have new hair regrowth.

The most popular technique for chemical hair straightening in Bangkok Zenred Salons are Japanese hair Straightening with well known Japanese brands Shishedo, otherwise known as Japanese re-bonding or chemical relaxers

Zenred Hair Straightening Bangkok Tips

Chemically straightening your hair should be carefully planned and we should also look at your hair first and asses if it really is the best solution for you. Here are some Tips on when chemical hair straightening or Japanese hair straightening is a good idea.

check-tick If you hair is very frizzy and unmanageable, a relaxer is suitable

check-tick If you have African hair or similar hair, chemical relaxers are advised

check-tick If you have virgin hair chemical straightening should be fine

check-tick If you hair is previously colour treated or straightened, it may be already too damaged or thin to withstand a chemical relaxer, in this case Brazilian keratin straightening treatments are best.

check-tick We urge clients to consider more natural options if the hair is not too tightly curled. Permanent Hair Straightening is a permanent process. And therefore your hair will stay Pin Straight but your roots will eventually grow back.

check-tick At Zenred hair salon Bangkok we have a special combination hair straightening Bangkok technique. We combine Japanese straightening with Brazilian Keratin. This is great for really frizzy unruly hair that want the goodness of keratin and the power of a relaxer. It prevents damage too.

Dangers of Permanent hair Straightening Bangkok Methods

At some point you will have new hair re-growth and this is when chemical hair straightening has its problems. By re-applying these strong chemicals on the new hair regrowth, there will always be some hair the chemical is re-applied to. This causes weak areas and sometimes brittle and damaged hair that will either need more treatment and care, or may just break and fall out.

One of the most popular alternatives to Permanent Hair Straightening in Bangkok now is the semi permanent Brazilian Keratin hair Straightening treatment.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Bangkok Treatments

A relatively new way of straightening the hair and a lot safer and healthier for the hair. This product is only available at a handful of salons in Bangkok and at zenred you can enjoy top of the line original Brazilian keratin hair straightening for upto 75% cheaper than UK or US prices.

Brazilian hair straightening Bangkok salonsOne of the positives about Brazilian keratin is it fades out and therefore Brazilian keratin treatment can be applied over the entire hair as many times as one likes. The great thing about Brazilian Keratin Treatment is instead of damaging the hair it actually replenishes and restores its vital amino proteins and keratin's each and every procedure should have your hair looking more and more silky and shiny, it really is the miracle hair straightener and deep penetrating hair treatment all in one.

Check out the Video Below to See the latest alternative to Chemical Bangkok hair straightening and contact us if you have any questions.




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