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Bangkok the capital city of Thailand thrives on beauty salons as Thai ladies adore pampering themselves and regard image, cleanliness and looks as a very important part of Thai culture.

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There is no way you can avoid Beauty salons, Bangkok has more than any other country and although not all of them are suitable for westerner hair types its still a wonderful country for all things health and beauty.

When it comes finding a good quality Beauty salon, Bangkok has more than anywhere else in Thailand. They can range from nail salons, hair salons, spas, Massage, Skin care, or even all in one Bangkok beauty salon which often consist of a little bit of everything. However its usually best to go to specific beauty salon that caters for one particular thing if you want quality and a salon team that are great at just one thing.

Bangkok Beauty Salon for Hair and Nails

Most Bangkok beauty salons will focus on hair and nails, as these are primarily the main features that people notice. make-up is also an option but not as popular as most Thai's are skilled at applying their own makeup but love to have someone else look after their hair and nails.

Most Thailand beauty salon will range a lot on price, some of the more expensive salons are often in the more expensive malls such as MBK or Siam Paragon, or in areas where foreigners and westerners are most likely to travel or be dropped off by taxi and tuk tuk drivers. However, don't let these places fool you into thinking they are the most suitable for Western hair types, sadly that's not true.

The Big Name Bangkok Beauty Salons - Are They The Best?

The most popular Mall that foreigners seem to end up is MBK. although this is probably the most expensive malls to go for shopping and by no means typical Thai value for money. For those that have lived in Thailand for a while, there are many alternative beauty salons Bangkok can offer, with excellent beauty and hair facilities. If you want to know where the best hair and beauty salons are for Western hair or travelers and tourists, ignore the tourist areas and look where the Expats and foreigners who live in Thailand go. You will be surprised to know its no where near where tourists will be mislead.

Zenred Beauty Salon Bangkok - Get Away From The Tourist Traps

Zenred hair salon Bangkok is a hair and beauty salon, located in a smaller mall and with more emphasis on hair and nails, hair treatments, hair extensions etc. Designed by a Westerner living in Thailand and frustrated by the sheer amount of Bangkok beauty salons that simply couldn't deliver quality without overcharging.

Bangkok beauty salons are not generally expensive but the quality of products that are often offered at many of the more Asian specific beauty salons in Bangkok do have some rather obscure brand names, most from china and with very little FDA approval or international recognition.

Zenred's Bangkok beauty salon will only use only beauty products that have International recognition but Thai prices where possible. Whilst this is no easy task sourcing great brands and importing specifically to zenred hair and beauty salons in Thailand. We are consistent in our search for the best products and the healthiest brand names without harmful chemicals.

Zenred Hair and Beauty Salons in Bangkok were among the first to introduce Organic hair colour and Organic Brazilian Keratin brands. Also we were the first Thailand salons to use ammonia free products.

All our Bangkok beauty salons have products imported from Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil, the UK and USA and we have a team of hair stylists and master hair stylists who go abroad to learn how to apply them. We guarantee a professional approach with successful results and we can speak you language.

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Amy: "Best Salon in Bangkok i have found for Organic Treatments and ammonia free Hair Colour."

Tammy "Had hair extensions and brazilian keratin treatment as suggested by someone here. LOVE EM!"

Fiona "Hi Zenred Salon Bangkok - I was in earlier this week for a cut. I wanted to thank your staff for doing such a great job."

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