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Big curls and sexy waves are big this year, just take a look to theDigital Perm Bangkok Salon catwalks and runways and you will see that the digital perm has made a come back. Permed hair combined with Ombre hair colour techniques can make for some excellent sassy hair styles.

In the old days this style of curls whether tightly permed ringlets or loose waves would take hours at the salon. Now thanks to digital perms and our latest technology digital perm at Zenred hair salon in Bangkok. An hour is usually all it takes.

So now you can have those dream curls bouncing off your shoulders and turning heads without the traditional bad smelling chemical perms that caused damage and dryness to the hair a few years ago.

Our digital spa perm at Zenred Salon Bangkok combines with a Japanese perming technology that means it will thermally recondition your hair to create whatever style waves or curl textures you want. This means you can have softer, shinier and smoother hair without the damage.

Thailand digital perm hairWhy is it called a Digital perm?
Due the digital spa perm rollers which heat up when applied to the hair. This means less harsh chemicals are required and a better and more sophisticated technology is combined to creating whatever type or texture curls or waves you like.

The dream Waves of a Perm
Most women have the dream of easy to manage sexy bouncy curls that effortlessly shape your facial features and completely transform you. A digital perm can indeed make a drastic change to your appearance and all in such a short period of time.

Who can have a Digital perm?
Ideally your hair will need to be in good healthy condition before a digital perm. If your hair has been chemically treated previously your Bangkok hair stylists will have to check that your hair is not dry or has damage. In some cases it is best to have a hydrating hair treatment applied before considering a digital spa perm.

How long does a Digital Perm Take to Perform?
The hair is washed and a protective treatment applied, then a relaxer treatment which will alter the structure of the hair usually 40 minutes, this is then rinsed off and the hair is set in curlers, small or large depending on your style requirements. This can usually take another 40 minutes. Afterwards a neutralizing solution is applied to the hair and left in for 10 minutes before the hair is washed. Total time approx 1-2 Hours

Digital Perm Thailand

What do i need to Know About a Bangkok Digital perm?
Ideally you should not wash your hair for 2 days after a digital perm, after this time period you are free to wash your hair and style your hair as your would normally. You can use a diffuser to style your hair or just use a blow dryer and fingers.

What do i need to Buy to ensure my Digital perm LastsDigital Perm Aftercare Treatment Bangkok
Its important to purchase a specially formulated Shampoo and conditioner for Curls, or ask at Zenred Hair salon in Bangkok for a brand new treatment called QOD Curves. An amazing new treatment that keeps your curls conditioned and bouncy.

How much does a Digital Perm in Bangkok Zenred Cost?

Digital Perm Japanese style
3,500 - 5,000 Baht

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