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GET FREE Shampoo, Blowdry, Styling & Finishing
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Brazilian Keratin Blowouts NEW Wash Same Day Formula
Brazilian Keratin or Brazilian Blow dry as it is sometimes known is one of our best selling hair treatments at Bangkok's Zenred Salon in Bangkok. The ultimate in defrizz and repair for dry damaged unmanagable hair. We have tested all the top brands of keratin but refuse to use any brands banned for excessive use of Formaldeyde, this is why we only choose QOD Brazilian keratin, the original creators of Brazilian keratin over 10 years ago have zero formaldehyde, and are always at the cutting edge of keratin treatments and the only brand that is actually made in Brazil.

PREMIUM GRADE Human Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are our speciality and over the years we have become World renown for our own quality brand name extensions that can last 12 months or longer. Our Hair extensions are custom made and never look fake, we can color match them exactly. Not to mention the latest technology in keratin fusion bonding and hair extension aftercare kits are available. Lastly many of our clients who have had great lengths extensions in Bangkok that can cost in excess of thousands of dollars have reported our extensions last longer and were much better but costing just a fraction of the price. Find out more information on our Bangkok hair Extension Packages

Just over 5 years ago if you were a Westerner in Bangkok and wanted highlights or Balayage or Ombre color techniques, you would never find them or run the risk of having seriously damaged hair by inexperienced stylists unfamiliar with International hair types or quality products. We created Zenred to provide our International community with amazing colorists with all the skills and experience needed. Now we are widely regarded as the best salon in the country. We use an amazing new color product from Italy called Compagnia Del Colore and the latest technology in bleach enriched with Guar Gum, keratin and Marine Collagen. Whatever your color requirements, we can do it.

CND Shellac
Want nails that will actually last more than 14 days chip free and have a beautiful shiny strong texture? We have the latest UV CND shellac system at our Bangkok Salon, available to all our existing hair clients.

China Glaze Manicure and Pedicure
Our latest Bangkok Manicure and Pedicure packages have added China Glaze to our selection of nail polish and lacquers. We love the colours of China Glaze as they can be quite unique and easily onpar with OPI. China Glaze lasts just as long and we like to use base coats and top coats to ensure you get your 14 days of beautiful nails.

Lash Tints and Brow Tints
Imported from Austria, popular with lighter hair types who want more definition and a semi permanent colour added to them. Brow Tinting and Eyelash tinting add a more natural look and you can even look great when you sleep and first thing in the mornings.

Feather Hair Extensions (Synthetic)
Our Bangkok Sythentic feather hair Extensions completely transform even the dullest of hair styles. Very popular right now with the latest summer festivals and latest vivid colour hair treatments. They also look good with human hair extensions

OPI Manicure and Pedicure
We like to offer our clients a choice of the best brands or cheaper options, so no professional hair and nail salon in Bangkok would be complete without OPI's Latest season in Colours. If you are having your hair done why not get your nails done at the same time. A Bangkok Manicure and Pedicure at Zenred Costs 499 Baht, for 200 baht extra you can now enhance your Bangkok nails with OPI base coat, colour coat and top coat.

Organic Colour Hair Treatments
We are very big on organic treatments in Zenred Salons, We still offer traditional colours but for a few dollars extra you can now select environmentally friendlier products that are healthier for your hair and our staff. Ammonia Free colours and the latest brands of organic can be used for block colours, tints, hilites and lowlites and we even have the latest Vivid colour range in organic hair care.


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Amy: "Best Salon in Bangkok i have found for Organic Treatments and ammonia free Hair Colour."

Tammy "Had hair extensions and brazilian keratin treatment as suggested by someone here. LOVE EM!"

Fiona "Hi Zenred Salon Bangkok - I was in earlier this week for a cut. I wanted to thank your staff for doing such a great job."

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