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Getting hair Extensions in Bangkok ThailandOur Remy hair extensions come in 2 different grades of quality, both grades are fantastic and will be suitable for different people and price budgets.

Single Drawn Human Hair Extensions Bangkok

Our single drawn human hair extensions are virgin remy hair and 100% natural. Single drawn 100% remy virgin hair extensions ensure the highest  quality and is similar to that of a pony tail that is cut from the head, it will have short, medium and long hairs like natural hair. It has however had the smaller hairs drawn out once, hence the name single drawn. It typically requires 2 times the amount of hair to make one bundle of single drawn hair, but the results are less short hairs.

Double drawn Hair extensions

Double drawn hair extensions have a higher percentage of long hair and it typically means the hair is drawn twice to remove short and medium hairs from the bundles. Ofcourse this procedure means that it can cost more because it requires 3 times more hair to create just one double drawn bundle. The results of double drawn hair extensions are they usually look shinier and silkier and feel more thicker with the absence of shorter hairs.

Our hair extensions Premium Grade because we believe that paying that little bit extra and working that little bit harder is what defines average from simply the best. Zenred Hair salon Bangkok is all about bringing the best products and services to you for less. 

Keratin Tipped Hair Extensions at Zenred

All of our Bangkok hair extension services provide each individual extension strands to be keratin tipped. This mean a natural keratin compound adhesive is used to tip the strands keeping them sealed and safe for use.

Hair Extensions Maintenance Costs

Its worth pointing out that having hair extensions does require some maintainable to ensure they don't tangle, shed too much and they stay hydrated and healthy. Hair extensions require a some daily or weekly treatments to keep them looking and feeling fantastic.

At Zenred you can purchase Argan oil to keep your Bangkok hair extensions looking and feeling great and prevent tangles. We also suggest a  sulfate free shampoo and Brazilian keratin conditioner. We also provide argan oil shampoo and conditioners at Zenred. Using the correct products will extend the life of your Thailand hair extensions and you can even have the same extensions last upto 12 months.

Bangkok Hair Extensions Prices at Zenred 

(Updated July 2012)

Please Note the prices for Human Hair Extensions in Bangkok is constantly increasing as Human Hair extensions become more popular and harder to source. Make the most of Zen red's low rates while they last.

check-tick Includes Free Shampoo and Blow dry
All Hair Extensions are Italian Keratin Tipped (longer lasting Natural bond)
check-tick All Prices include Free Fitting and Custom Colouration if Requires
check-tick New: Free Hair cut and Style after Hair Extensions

Hair extensions (Single drawn)
Black Hair 18inch (46cm) 5000
Black hair 20 inch (51cm) 6000
Black hair 22 inch (56cm) 7000
Black hair 24 inch (61cm) 8000
Brown/Blonde Hair Extensions Add Extra +1000/2000
Colour Matching Service (one time) Free
Haircut and Extensions Layering Free
Hair extensions (Double Drawn Premium Quality)
Black Hair 18inch (46cm) 8000
Black Hair 20 inch (51cm) 9000
Black Hair 24 inch (61cm) 10,000
Brown or Blonde Add Extra +1000/2000
Hair Extension Extras
Removal of Hair extensions 1000
Re-tipping Hair Extensions with keratin 500
Re-applying Hair Extensions 100-150 pieces 1000
Extra Hair Extension Bundles (Per 50 Pieces) 2000-3000
Feather Hair Extensions (synthetic) 5 strands 300
Additional Hair Extension Colour Services (Hi-lites etc) 1000-2000

NEW! Free Hair Extension Services at Zenred
Zenred Hair Extensions in Bangkok Thailand just got better!

Free Hair cut, and blending service - No need to pay for us to layer and style your new extensions to a new style, we provide a free service for this.
Free Colour Matching - If your current hair colour is slightly different to our hair extensions we will colour match the extensions to match your hairs current colour. Please note this does not mean we colour your own hair to match the extensions, if you require a complete colour change additional costs apply.
Plus: Hair Extensions Aftercare Available - Argan Oil and Keratin Treatments Available to ensure hair extensions last longer, we also have special hair extension brushes and sulfate free brazilian keratin enriched shampoo and conditioners to ensure you get the best hair extension life and condition possible.

Free Consultation for Zenred Bangkok Hair Extensions

You are welcome to schedule and Appointment to View the Different hair extensions we have in stock and under no obligations to have the procedure the same day. But if you do make a reservation you can usually choose your quality Bundles and colours and have them customized just for you on the same day.

Same Day Custom Colouration's For Our Bangkok Hair Extensions

We Offer a Free Custom Colourization Service. We now offer this service to be the same day, that means you don't have to return the next day. You can take dinner at the restaurants or take a coffee whilst we lovingly prepare the hair extensions and colour match them to your own hair. please note this is only possible if you pre-book your appointment and show up on time, this is also only available for afternoon appointments. There is no guarantee for weekends as we get quite busy but we will try our absolute best.

Please Note:
A Cash deposit will be required after you choose the hair Extension Bundles and we begin colour matching.


Extras Hair Extension Bundles

The prices given for
 Bangkok Hair Extensions are based on a normal head where we apply 130-150 bundles of hair. This is Approximately 100 grams and should be sufficient for most clients hair. However in some cases for clients with thinner hair
you might require more bundles than a standard application. See the price guide above for rates on extra bundles or call into our salon and get a quote.

To Make a Bangkok Hair Extensions Reservation
Please Call:
0836 0061 76
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