Bangkok Hair Extensions Maintenance 

Hair Bangkok Blonde ExtensionsIf you are Interested in having hair Extensions in Bangkok you need to understand they will require maintainable if they are to last a long time. At Zenred hair Salons in Bangkok we provide all the advice, tips and tricks you will need to ensure your Bangkok hair extensions will last and look as great as your natural hair.

Firstly however you should understand that all our hair extensions at Zenred are premium grade, this means they are already in fantastic condition. they should not need too much looking after for the first few weeks.

Ofcourse in many cases our hair extensions are so good they make your own hair look bad. If this is the case we suggest you have a Brazilian keratin treatment or similar protective Hair treatments prior to your hair extensions.

This will do 2 things, it will strengthen your hair so the hair extensions do not cause breakage and last a lot longer. And it will also shine your hair and recondition your hair so that your natural hair looks just as good as our premium grade hair extensions do. Ofcourse for some this can be costly but at Zenred hair salon we guarantee treatments and our hair extensions Bangkok packages will be a fraction of the costs you pay back home and at the same high quality International standards.

Want Your Bangkok Hair Extensions to Last 3-6 Months or More?

Make sure you get the most out of your Bangkok Hair extensions and make them last, after all they are a great investment if you do.

Avoid Heat and Styling without Hair extension Protection

Hair extensions have no source of moisture and consequently will react to heat from style tools more than natural hair would. Please be aware and if you like to style and straighten your hair a lot use protective treatments first. With excessive heat applied to the hair extensions, it will soon run dry and you are left with scraggly hair.

 Aftercare For Your Bangkok Hair Extensions

At Zenred hair salon Bangkok we have some amazing new Hair extension products and aftercare that can enhance, prolong, restore and ensure your hair extensions can be treated just like your own hair can.

The hallmark of proper human hair extensions has become their quality regarding their appearance, durability and feeling as similar as your own hair as possible.

Argan Oil Treatment Sets - The Ultimate Hair Extension Aftercare

Due to our massive popularity of hair extensions in Thailand we are now proud to offer one of the best hair extension after care treatments to ensure your hair extensions don't dry out and remain shiny and healthy evenargan hair extensions thailand longer.

Argan Oil has long been popular in the hair industry, now at Zenred we combine Argan Oils with daily Brazilian Keratin shampoos and conditioners. You can now have the best quality hair extensions money can buy and a great investment.

Argan oil will effectively lock in moisture and protect your hair extensions from drying out. Argan oil also seals your hair extensions cuticle and will prevent deterioration and should keep your hair tangle free.


Daily Brushing Hair Extensions 

Careful brushing of your hair extensions should be done once per day, there is no need to brush your Bangkok hair extensions excessively and you should be gentle when brushing them. Try and use a brush with specialized bristles for hair extensions, or if not avoid brushing to close to the scalp where it will damage your hair extension bonds.

Avoid Shampoo and Conditioner on your Bangkok Extensions

If you have had micro ring hair extensions then this rule does not apply to you. However for those clients that chose our Bangkok hair extensions with Fusion Bonding, you should avoid getting conditioner on the bonds. This can cause the bonds to break down, so when conditioning the hair be careful close to the scalp.

Also dry your fusion bonds after showering with a hair dryer, do not get the bonds too hot, you only need to dry the bonds closest to your head, you can let the rest of your hair dry naturally. This is required to prevent water from getting under the bonds and causing them to turn white and break down.


100% Remy Virgin Cuticle Hair Extensions
Our remy hair extensions being 100 % real hair are single drawn remy hair extensions which in turn ensures the highest associated with quality. Like your personal hair,

Our hair extensions are A++ Grade because we believe that paying that little bit extra and working that little bit harder is what defines The best - and we are all about high quality and great results.

Best hair Extensions Bangkokhair extensions require a certain amount regarding care and servicing to keep them looking and feeling fantastic. but zenred hair salon Bangkok have everything you need to ensure your aftercare and daily maintenance are not a headache or a chore.

Zenred Bangkok Hair Extensions
We specialize in only the best
 Hair Extensions Thailand can offer plus the latest techniquesensuring minimal damage to your existing hair, and extended life and more value for money. Sure you can probably find cheaper in Bangkok - But we can guarantee you they wont last very long and may not be 100% pure human hair.


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