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Hair Extensions in Thailand

Human hair extensions in Thailand are very popular nowadays and a great way to completely transform your look and style in just a few hours.

You can generally buy Thailand hair extensions in places where tourists visit. Surprisingly most Thai ladies do not usually use hair extensions as they tend to have long flowing hair styles already.

Hair extensions in Thailand can be found in areas like Khaosan road. You will also find quite a lot of hair extensions in Phuket. Generally speaking the best quality hair extensions will be in areas like the capital city. This is because most things fly into Bangkok and have less distance to travel. Bangkok prices are always more competitive than areas outside.

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Benefits of  Having Thailand Hair extensions

Having Bangkok Hair Extensions can add volume and thickness to your existing hair and can also be used to add highlites to your own hair. Good quality hair extensions in Thailand will be very shiny and silky and blend in with your own hair to look completely natural. You must make sure that the hair extensions are 100% Remy Hair or they wont last very long.

The Hair extensions we use are normally attached to your own hair and there are a few different methods and techniques to do this. The best Thailand extension techniques can also depend on the quality and thickness of your own hair and your own preferences when it comes to replacing them.

Its important to make an informed decision and educating yourself before having Thailand Hair Extensions on the different techniques and quality that are available. And also what it requires to look after hair extensions as they do need daily caring and brushing if they are to remain healthy looking and natural. Having said that hair extensions are a fantastic way to transform your natural hairs volume and are a fun and exciting way to change your hair in Bangkok.

The Hair Extensions Thailand is Famous For

The Hair extensions Thailand is famous for are usually the cheaper grade hair extensions that you find at Thailand Hair Extensionsstreet vendors or around Khaosan road. These will generally come from a factory where the colour is processed and the cuticle completely removed, or they will be from hair collected from the floors of salons and bundled, they will have cuticles but unless the cuticle is aligned the same way you can expect tangles. Last but not least synthetic hair mixed with real hair helps to bring the total cost of Thailand hair extensions down.

 These cheap hair extensions Thailand is known for may look great for a few weeks but will become difficult to care for as the cuticle is what protects natural hair and without it tangling and matting can be common place and so will hair breakage.

Another important aspect to look out for is be careful of what bonding glue or techniques is used when shopping for hair extensions in Thailand.

Better Quality Thailand Hair Extensions

Usually known as virgin remy hair extensions they will still have the cuticles entact but may not come in the same variety of colours as the treated hair extensions. However they are generally of better quality and closest to natural hair because unlike factory processed hair where the cuticle has been removed the hair is cut from the head in a pony tail, and so all cuticles are in alignment.

At Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok we only use Premium Grade Hair which is virgin remy hair with all cuticles intact. Our hair if looked after can potentially last years and be a great investment.

Single drawn and double drawn hair extensions are also an important factor when considering the quality of hair extensions. double drawn is usually the most expensive and most superior hair extensions type, double drawn means most of the smaller hair have been removed and drawn out. This is sally more expensive as it requires more hair to make a double drawn bundle.

Most hair extensions come from Asian countries such as India, China and Russia. There is debate on which hair is the best for hair extensions but in reality there is no best country for hair extensions, only the quality of each individual bundle, Asian hair extensions can be coloured to any type of blonde and even waves or curls added depending on the skills of the hair extension salon you visit.

Caring for you Thailand Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions do need daily caring for and moisturizing treatments. You have to remember the hair is no longer receiving vitamins and proteins from the body, so you have to replenish the hair once a week. At Zenred hair Salons we have a complete range of Hair extension aftercare for you, and argan oil treatments which make it easy to care for your Thailand hair extensions. For more information on caring for your extensions please see our hair extension Maintenance page.

Shedding After Hair Extensions

It is not uncommon to loose maybe 5-10% of the hair extensions in the first few weeks but they can be kept in a safe place and put back in during your next salon visit or some professional hair extension salons will do this free of charge any time you like. At Zenred we provide this service free of charge if you purchased your hair extensions in Thailand from our salon.


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