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Quality Hair Salons Bangkok ZenredBangkok is famous for its vast array of health, spa, massage and beauty packages. But finding the best Tourist hair salons in Bangkok can sometimes be difficult.

If your looking for cheap hair salons Bangkok will not disappoint you, and you will usually get what you pay for at most of the hair salons Bangkok has to offer. If you are not too fussy about your hair then the many hair salons in Bangkok should be able to deal with a shampoo and blow-dry or a Thai style haircut.

However many western women and fashion conscious men, especially will not be impressed after a few Thailand hair disasters at the average hair salons Bangkok offers. This is speaking from first hand experience as i myself have had some shocking haircuts and treatments even at the big name hair salons. However, there is help at hand these days with the latest Zenred Salons Bangkok has to offer.

It can be a long time waiting for hair to grow back and a real stress finding a better Bangkok salon that is willing to fix the color mess or bleach problems the previous hair salon made, if it is even possible and not too late.

A Professional Hair Salon in Bangkok that speaks Your Language

When looking for hair salons in Bangkok is certainly an easy place to find them but very difficult to find a quality professional one that doesn't cost more than back home. Cheap hair salons in Bangkok are usually so numerous they are virtually next door to each other. Sometimes they really are not worth the hassle despite the 5 dollar haircut or cheap china products they use.

The truth is that Asians like to keep long black hair, they don't always experiment with colours and textures and waves so much, and are not yet that adventurous in their hair style techniques. So as a result the majority of Hair Salons Bangkok has are not proficient in hair colour, hilites, perms and all the latest Hollywood hair styles we see mostly of Western hair types. They do however have quite a big Korean hairstyle trend and Japanese hairstyles, but this won't do for Westerners looking for the Best tourist Salon Bangkok has to offer.

Tourist Salons in Bangkok

Most hair salons and beauty salons in Bangkok are okay at dealing with the average no frills client. But for Western hair that is not dark or for western style colours and highlites, curls and waves and complicated layered cuts. The Majority of beauty salon Bangkok has will simply not have the experience, knowledge or even know what it is you expect from them.

It's no secret that In many cases Hair stylists in Thailand are not well trained in Western styles, techniques, products, colouring, perming and simple layering techniques for wavey and curly hair. As a result they will make a total mess of Western hair. Many times because you are the first client or customer they have ever performed a perm, hilites or colour treatment on. They simply do not have enough experience.

There are ofcourse numerous hair salons in heavy populated tourist areas, surely they have more experience? Certainly one would like to think so but unfortunatley its not always the case. MBK Mall and Emporium Bangkok Salons are popular and pricey, but why should you have to pay more to get something worse than you would get back home?

Most hair salons Bangkok has to offer will also not be competent at dealing with professional and technical English communication, getting the style, colour, technique or Brands you want is a painful experience. Which is why Zenred Salon Bangkok was created, by a frustrated Westerner who grew tiresome of looking for reliable and trustworthy salons and stylists. We wanted to combine the qualities of Western hair styling, trends and products with the fantastic Thai hospitality and skill at attention to details that we all have come to love about Thailand.

Ofcourse Thailand is not the West but for those of us that do still care about high standards and want quality brands. However to have the luxury of paying less than back home and quality brands and hair stylists with many years experience cutting and styling western hair types usually means paying a lot of money. Now with Zenred hair Salons Bangkok has something new to embrace. And if you are reading this then you have already found it.

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Amy: "Best Salon in Bangkok i have found for Organic Treatments and ammonia free Hair Colour."

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Fiona "Hi Zenred Salon Bangkok - I was in earlier this week for a cut. I wanted to thank your staff for doing such a great job."

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