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Struggling to find Argan Oil in Bangkok Thailand? Or perhaps you have heard about the amazing Moroccan oil Hair treatment but cannot find it in Bangkok or Thailand.Argan Oil hair Treatment Bangkok Salon Thailand

Zenred Hair Salon is now exclusively promoting one of the best hair products in the world. Exclusively and only for customers of Zenred to purchase and take home. Argan oil is an amazing product that should be part of everyone's daily hair and care routine. To ensure healthy and amazing shine to hair.

We have a full range of Argan oil products at Zenred, From the amazing Argan Oil, to Argan oil hair shampoo and conditioners, and even a professional Argan Oil Hair Mask. Only available at Zenred

QOD Argan Oil Hair Treatment 
A blend of Argan Miracle oil which promotes hair cuticle regeneration, It can turn any dry hair into a soft and easy to manage and comb dream come true. it enhances shine and is excellent for hot and humid countries like Thailand. Just one or two drops per day is all you need! A really fantastic Bangkok hair repair treatment for humidity and protecting against the elements and sun.

Argan oil also improves the hair shine and elasticity, and best of all our unique QOD Blend of Argan Oil Treatments, Shampoo's and Conditioners have a great smell.

Argan Shampoo & Conditioner with Brazilian Keratin
A blend of Argan oil combined with the world famous Brazilian Keratin all beautifully combined in our QOD Argan Shampoo and conditioner range. Excellent for taking care of hair daily and combining the powers of the worlds best Brazilian Keratin and the miracle wonder which is argan oil.

Argan Hair Mask & Brazilian Keratin
A professional 500ml mask normally only used by salon professionals but we have a some available to give our customers on request. We also combine this latest Argan oil Hair mask into our Bangkok Hair Spa services. Combined with the latest technology in chromo therapy hair infusion and our digital hair spa, the argan mask can deeply penetrate the hair and give you all that argan oil goodness combined with Brazilian keratin and more.

So what is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil Thailand Bangkok SalonArgan Oil is known as the Miracle oil, a traditional Oil that only comes from a very small place in the world, in Certain areas of Morocco. It is a Rare oil and also known as 'liquid Gold' and comes from the Argan Tree. Traditionally Used by Moroccan Women it actually takes 33kg of Fruit to make just 1 liter of Argan Oil. Hence Argan is known to be one of the most expensive Oils in the world, but also the best.

Argan has 2 times more Vitamin E than olive oil, it is famous for its restorative powers and can help skin conditioners and has anti-aging benefits which make this oil very popular. Argan oil has taken the hair industry by storm and is very popular now in Hollywood and the USA and Europe.

Argan Oil For Hair Benefits

check-tickGives new life to dry and Damaged hair, argan oil hydrates the hair in a natural way. It also stops frizz and curliness in an efficient and non heavy way.

check-tickArgan oil penetrates deep into the hairs cuticle and pores enhancing hair elasticity and nourishing the hair for new growth and protection.

check-tickArgan oil is great for controlling hair in Hot and humid countries like Thailand. It restores the smoothness and makes hair easy to manage and control.Argan Treatment Bangkok

check-tickQOD Argan oil has natural anti oxidants that make the hair strong and repair the hair or damaged areas of the hair.

check-tickArgans high level of Vitamin E make it an amazing hair treatment especially for protecting the hair against heat, styling, flat ironing and also oxidation caused by pollution and the sun.

check-tickThe Vitamin E In argan Oil is very good at renewing and restoring the hair and repairing damage on a daily basis. This is why ARgan is known as the miracle oil.

check-tickArgan oil when used on the hair also seals in moisture and ensures the hair does not turn dry and brittle and start to break.

check-tickArgan oil can also increase the life of hair colour and ensure colour treated or permed hair stays in good health longer. Argan is supposedly better than Jojoba oil as it has become the oil for hair.

check-tickArgan has a rich content of unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 9 and omega 3. These are essential components for hair and hairs roots to form protein bonding structures, which improve the strength of the hair and prevent split ends.

How To Apply Argan Oil

Just a very small amount of oil can last a long time, just apply a few drops and massage it from the root to the ends of your hair. Argan can be used daily or whenever you like. It does not need to be washed out.

Application: Small amount in the palm of the hand and glove on the hair clean and dry, away from the root.

How Much does Argan Oil Cost at Zenred

Argan oil can go a long long way, just a few drops is all you need for a complete argan hair mask. Argan sets should last you a good few months and its a great hair treatment to combine with colour, Brazilian keratin, digital perms and especially Hair extensions.

Typical argan oil treatments of 100ml in the US and UK cost approx 50usd. At Zenred Hair Salon our prices for Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil in Bangkok is similar as we have to import it. However it is amazing and our brands are always impressive when it comes to hair Treatments.

So its still a great thing to buy especially for the heat and humid weather of Bangkok Thailand.

Please Note:
We do not use any Cheap products from China, All of our Argan products are from one of the Best Hair Treatment Companies in the world QOD (founders of the world famous Brazilian Keratin treatment, OrganiQ and 22k Gold Formula). Our Argan Oils and aftercare products are imported exclusively for Zenred, and are 100% authentic.

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