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Ombre hair colour is a massive hit at Zenred, our newest and latest hairOmbre Hair Colour Bangkok Thailand Salon styles are ombre and Balayage which we just love to combine especially with a Brazilian keratin  hair treatment infused with the colour or a Digital Perm.  Ombre and Balayage hair colour techniques can even be applied on our premium grade human extensions, the results are always stunning, see below for more info.

Ombre Hair colour has for a while made some fantastic mainstream appearances in Hollywood. But for many no one really knew what it was or what it meant. Now we are bringing the ombre hair coloring revolution to Zenred salon Thailand, and its already become a top seller at our salon, which currently is the only hair salon in Bangkok offering upto date styles like Ombre and Balayage hair colour services.

So what is Ombre Hair colouration?

The word 'Ombre' is a French word and it means shading or gradual shades. It has become popular in the hair industry to describe a professional hair colour technique that when used in a professional salon will blend 2 colours together seamlessly, it can also be manipulated to blend from dark roots to light ends, or reverse ombre hair colouring which would be darker ends and lighter shade roots.

Popular Ombre combinations are Dark hair or brown hair at the roots and a gradual shades stepping down, lighter ends or ombre blonde ends are the most common ombre hair colours as seem in the photo above. Another popular ombre combination today is the Vivid ombre technique, this can be colours like reds, Pinks, purples all combined to ombre quite nicely, see the last pic for a vivid ombre colouration technique, and very popular at the moment at Zenred salons in Bangkok.

Ombre Hair Color Bangkok Salon 

Who is famous for Ombre Hair Colour?

Many Hollywood stars have been enjoying the ombre hair colour techniques such as Sara Jessica parker and Drew Barrymore. The ombre hair colour technique can actually be used on short to medium hair but has a particular nice effect on longer hair styles.

Pink Ombre Hair BangkokThe ombre look can be both very natural and subtle or you can make a dramatic statement with your colour tones. As show here you can choose more bold colours to contrast against your darker tones. This is the Vivid Ombre colour technique.

Who Will Suit Ombre Hair Colour?

This wonderful colourization technique is best suitable for those girls who only colour their hair every 3-4 months. A natural and stylish bohemian look are the best looks to go for as indicated above, these can be great for medium or longer hair styles. Also the vivid ombre colour can be suitable for anyone with medium length to longer hair. Shorter hair styles can also achieve an ombre look but it will depend greatly on the style and the gradient of colours will have less hair length to blend with.

Price for Ombre Hair Colour in Bangkok's Zenred Salon?

We specialize in the latest Ombre hair colour technique using quite a few different hair colour brands. We have Organic ammonia free hair colour products at all our Bangkok salons. These do cost a little bit more compared to traditional hair colour brands like Wella, but also have these available for you to choose too. We also have Vivid hair colours available in Organic ammonia free options.

Our Ombre hair colour Bangkok services are determined on the length of hair and what products you choose. Below is a rough guide on what you can expect to pay for ombre hair colour at Zenred hair Salon Bangkok.

 Ombre Hair Colour Price Baht
 Short/medium/long hair - Normal Colours  2000-3000
 Short/medium/long Hair - Organic Colours  3000-4000

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