Tips To Finding a Good Hair Salon in Bangkok

Thailand is a wonderful country but finding a quality, reliable and English speaking hair salon in Bangkok. Especially one with International products and high hygiene standards can be difficult.

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The fact is that despite the thousands of hair salon's in Bangkok the majority have very little experience with Western hair textures or colour techniques, not to mention perms on thinner non Asian hair and the latest and greatest hair treatments that Hollywood has but are almost unheard of in Bangkok. 

Many westerners travelling to Thailand often complain, especially online that even the most expensive hair salon in Bangkok with International recognition can turn a simple hair procedure into a total disaster. So just why is it that so many problems happen in Bangkok which has more hair salons than anywhere else in the World?

Communication is Key to Successful hair Salons in Bangkok

The average hair Salon in Bangkok will have stylists who will not completely understand the communication or expectations of Westerners, they may have hair stylists who don't speak English everyday and have lost the ability or never had the opportunity to practice it everyday. Travelers or tourists to Bangkok Thailand need to understand this and accept it. Or find a good salon in Bangkok that caters more to Westerners, one such salon in Bangkok is Zenred.

Hair Salon in Bangkok for Western and Asian Hair Types

Most hairdressers in Bangkok do not have lots of experience with Western hair, and certainly wont have been educated in the various types and differences in texture and layers. Furthermore, International Hair style training is expensive in Bangkok, with courses equal to a few months salary for the average Thai. So finding hair salons that can cater to your needs is quite difficult because there really is not that many.

Many salons and stylists in Bangkok have never been lucky enough to have educated at professional Salon schools. Many stylists will also not have the chance to learn from quality hair stylists or International stylists to give them a proper education in the latest fashion or hair styling techniques and product applications.

At Zenred hair salon Bangkok we are training a small and select team of Thai hairstylists how to use the best quality products and how to apply them on all hair types for the best results.

Genuine Quality Hair Products at Zenred Hair Salons in Bangkok

Hair products at many Hair salons in Bangkok will be cheap China imports with dangerous chemicals. Some Hair salons in Bangkok will use the cheap products and advertise as famous brands. This is because for many  Hair salon in Bangkok getting the original products from abroad is very difficult and costly without International contacts.

Quality Imported products from USA or Europe do have high taxes in Thailand, but a respectable hair Salon in Bangkok will have access to these products. At Zenred we import our own products too, so we have a variety of different brands and we never stick to just one company. We are not sponsored or held hostage to any one brand name.

A quality Bangkok hair salon should also provide sufficient training to all its staff in application and procedures, especially with International hair care and beauty products. We regularly send our staff and hair stylists to training seminars and hair shows to learn the latest styles and techniques in order to stay ahead of the salon industry and keep our styles fresh and upto date.

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