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For anyone looking for a Hair Salon, Thailand is a Mecca for hair and beauty, anyone visiting Thailand will see that there are Thailand Hair Salons pretty much on every street corner.

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Thailand Hair salons are a part of the Thai culture. With image and beauty being something very important with this gentle, clean and polite culture. The hair salons Thailand has to offer come in many shapes, quality and size, but as with many experiences in Thailand, precautions need to be taken.

The Thai Hair Salon Experience

For Thai's a Thai hair salon experience may not be as demanding as a westerners requests. Thai's generally have the same hair type and colour, and very few deviate in major styles as the main priority for most females is straight, silk like hair with some style and finesse. For many Thai people they might visit one 3 times per week as prices for hair salons in Thailand are very affordable and most Thai ladies enjoy the pampering of a hair stylist than struggle themselves at home. The salon Thai Experience is also a good excuse for them to get out the house on the weekend and have a good chat with others at the local Thai Hair Salon.

For Westerners travelling to Thailand or living in Thailand, finding a good Thailand Hair salon can be difficult and even a nerve racking experience. The products available in Thailand can be cheap and unheard of to our International standards. With many Thai hair stylists being somewhat more relaxed and perhaps acting as if they just don't care when something goes wrong. Ofcourse this can confused by the Thai culture and it's tendency to not stress or loose face.

For Westerners looking for a good Hair salon, Thailand has mixed reviews and experiences, usually more negative than positive reviews can be found online, which is why it is crucial for any travelers, holidaymaker's or tourists who are in Thailand to enjoy the cheap and cheerful services to think twice when it comes to hair and beauty, and especially anything that could effect your body or wellbeing, as a bad haircut or experience at a Thailand hair salon may well ruin your holiday and a few months of your time.

Hair Salon Thailand Advice

At the end of the day if you are a western expat or foreign traveller looking for a good hair salon Thailand will always pose these problems and finding the best hair salon in Thailand is an art in itself.

My advice is to stop looking for a good hair salon and start looking for a good hair stylist that you can talk with, understands you and you can trust. The internet is a great place to start when looking for reviews and testimonials on great hair salons in Thailand.

Alternatively you can try a hair salon like Zenred which was created by a westerner who understands all of the above concerns and created a hair salon with English speaking and Internationally trained super stylists, with the best hair products exclusively shipped into Thailand and at Thai Prices.

The Salon Thai Prices - Pay More or Pay Less?

What are reasonable prices for a good hair salon? Thailand has many great looking salons especially in the expensive shopping centers and Malls. One has to remember that in many cases you will pay more but receive the exact same service you would in a street salon. Just because a Thai hair Salon is situated in an expensive Mall does not mean the hair stylists will speak better English or have years of experience dealing with Western hair types.

Thailand has so much competition that ridiculously low prices will mean cheap products or cut corners. This has to be understood when selecting a Hair salon. Thailand is also very close to China so there are many counterfeit products and cheap hair products that are rarely tested or pass FDA regulations.

Thailand Hair Salon will import quality International brands that are safe, and you will pay more for these. However the costs are lower for staff and service is Thailand so this is an important factor. You should be looking for a salon will still cost less than back home but with the same quality and leading products, this is what you are looking for.

And ofcourse a great Thai Salon will have hairstylists that speak English and have had many years working on Western hair types, this is very important when it comes to colour and highlites. Bangkok has a lot of tourists so finding a hair salon is usually easier in the Capital city that outside. Also prices are reasonable because Bangkok is not just for tourists but for everyone, so less exploitation towards western faces compared to the islands.


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